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What Happens If you Mixing Energy Drinks with Milk?

Consumption of energy drinks has long been known widely and rapidly performed by many. Most people find it very helpful to consume this drink because they want to be more confident, others doubt the side effects.
The latest trend is to mix it with other beverages. Mixing with alcohol has been quite popular abroad, but this was believed to be dangerous and unhealthy.

Expected effects of Energy drinks:

Caffeine causes the release of hormones that create a state of ‘alert’ and ‘awake’, as well as affect the happiness centers in the brain. Of caffeine these people consume energy drinks to get the feeling alert, refreshed, and stamina. However, when consumed in excessive amounts, will appear side effects that are harmful to health.

What happen when you have energy drinks by large amounts?

Many Scientists don’t recommend having energy drinks too much, and they consider drinking it too much is not wise because of:

• Having large amounts poses risks such as high blood pressure, palpitations, nausea and also causes vomiting due to excessive amounts of caffeine in the bloodstream.

• Weight gain is another potential risk Because of the high amount of sugar in the energy drinks, and with the weight gain the diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure and other deceases come because they are related medical conditions.

• Furthermore, over time you may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety or headaches….. etc.

‘Energy drinks’ is a beverage that typically contains caffeine, taurine, vitamins, herbal supplements, sugar or artificial sweeteners. These drinks promise an increase in energy, performance, stamina, and concentration. Due to the caffeine content and high sugar drinks this is believed to provide the expected effects.

So what happens when mixed with milk? Whether it be healthy?

What about mixing Energy drinks with milk?

• Mixing types of drinks with milk generally means increasing the amount of sugar consumed.
For people who are being decreased food intake, so that their blood sugar is low, then it does not matter to him when adding drinks high in sugar into his body. Otherwise, what will happen?

We know the energy drink itself already contains a lot of sugar, plus the effects of caffeine which increases blood sugar, so if they added milk means that we increase the levels of blood sugar in bulk!
• Moreover, there is in milk protein and fat content. Protein and fat content is beneficial to add energy. The path of the content of this milk to increase energy is through the ‘natural’,

I.e. through the intestinal absorption power source and a source of energy for the cells of the body, not through the manipulation of hormones and nerve signals in the brain. Means in general, the content of milk alone is good enough to increase energy without the need to mix it with any type of beverage.

• Furthermore, it is known that one type of energy drinks can cause changes in the form of milk. Milk mixed with drinks is experiencing breakdown and a precipitate is formed at the base of the glass, most likely due to the acidity of the drink. The concern is if it can lead to damage to the nutrients in milk, or disturbances in absorption into the body content of the milk, then mixing is actually detrimental.

Therefore, although energy drinks are sold freely, it does not mean we can drink it without caution. Mix it with other beverages are also not wise, because the difference in the content of energy drinks can also cause changes in fluid conditions that we add.

Good Luck!