Virtual office: A Novel Idea for the Modern Company

081206- 047

Start-up is a word that invokes more of a casual thought than it does of a company that is looking to change the horizon of the world with their new and avant-garde ideas. Start-ups get a rep for being laid back and carefree in the way they work. This is attributed to their lack of care for old statutes and norms. This is so because they are more focused on their work rather than to divide their time in conforming to generalized ideas about work.

Today’s new age companies often do not need to spend hours commuting daily and wasting valuable time and energy. Instead, technology allows one to work from the comfort of their homes and even conduct meetings and operate entirely from a powerful personal computer. This is possible as when starting up their company, they require considerably minimal resources and technology to operate at full capacity.

While maintaining a functioning business one thing is extremely crucial, that is to have an office for correspondence. This is where the concept of a virtual office comes in, which is basically a service provided by office space leasing and builders to start-ups and small businesses. It is entirely different from an office business centre, which actually provides an allocated space from time to time. As a fully paid service, there a suite of features which are of great benefit to small businesses.

These can include communication services such as remote receptionists, providing a cover for any business or client calls. Voicemail services which electronically stores all calls and data about the company. Virtual assistants and call centres provide backup and sort out meetings and scheduling for the employees. Apart from these communication services, there are also other types of space-based features such as professional and mailing address; these give the company some credibility and assurance. In cities with many start-ups, these are extremely common. As renting a premium virtual office space in golf course road Gurgaon may cost quite a lot considering its location.

Some spaces which the employees do use from time to time can be customized according to their needs and demands. Its casual nature means that the hassles and distractions from other co-working spaces or that of a primetime office is minimal. Employees can drop in depending on their needs and wants. Some premium services also offer spaces which are considerably well stocked; and things such as copier and fax machines, broadband internet, conference and video calling, a fully functioning kitchenette and a well-furnished lobby are some of the features that come with the service.

As the old trend shifts from working 9 to 5 and instead of doing it based on convenience and preference, services like virtual offices are paramount. With a huge youth population that is all ready to launch their ideas into the next decade, the demand and growth of start-ups are massive. A virtual office in golf course road Gurgaon, Noida and many more affluent places are also in demand. The start-ups of today are all looking for spaces that they can mould according to their values and ideas and step away from the norm.