Guide To Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are beneficial and popular in places where there is shortage of electric supply. In fact, solar panels have gained favor primarily because they are cost effective after you set them up initially. Moreover, they work with a source of energy that is available for free, that is, sunlight. Solar panels may be set up in places which get adequate sunlight throughout the year. They absorb heat and light energy from the sun and convert them into electrical energy which may be stored in large batteries and its power can be harnessed to light up your home during the evening. That saves a lot of electricity and is more environments friendly.

Solar panels can be found mostly in remote areas where they are more independent from the city’s electric supply. However, you can also buy solar panels in towns and suburbs as well. You can buy solar panels in Gurgaon or in other places.

Before you decide to set up solar panels, however, it is better to understand that you will also have to maintain them so that they are always in top condition so that they may serve you better. Here you will find a basic guidance as to how you can maintain your solar panels.

Proper cleaning of solar panels is a must

The solar panels require proper cleaning. Since they do not really have any moving parts therefore you will have to keep special eye on its cleaning. In case you are living in an area which gets adequate rainfall then they will get washed up seasonally and your work will be half done. However, if you live in a dry area where you do not get enough rain then you will have to clean them up. Moreover, if your house is located near an industry or near the sea, then chances are that your solar panels will get dirtier faster and you will have to clean them up more frequently.

It is better to clean your solar panels from outside your house, from ground level. You may use a long pole with a sponge or soft cloth fixed and the top and you may use it to clean the panels. You may dip that end in a bucket containing soap water in order to clean better. It is better not to use detergent though.

In case you have a garden hose you may use that too. But keep in mind that adequate wiping is also needed along with watering. If you are using tap water then that is likely to contain minerals which might cause deposits to form on the glass surface of your panels.

You may clean your panels early in the morning as that will be the time when the dews are likely to remain and will soften the dirt deposits on the glass and will be a lot easier for you to clean. It is better to avoid cleanups during noon hours as it might be too hot then and the water might evaporate faster leaving the dust behind.

Hire Professionals to check

It’s okay to clean your solar panels on a regular basis by yourself but it is also important that you get it checked by a professional to see whether it is performing as it should or whether it is safe. A professional may be able to check the monitoring data and your onsite records and inspect in case of damage to the panels, any fractures or moisture seeping through or any other corrosion that may have occurred unknowingly.

The experts may also be able to check your cabling properly and also your voltage levels. They will be telling you whether your junction boxes are tight enough or the seals are proper or not.


You should always check on your solar paneling systems to see if the energy usage and production are up to the mark. Many of these solar panels have inbuilt monitoring systems or as separate additional items that you may buy along with the system.

You may have a green light fitted on your inverter which is always on. If it is on that means your solar panels are working fine. But in case they are flashing or going off, it means your system needs inspection and repairs.

Also, check that your solar panels are getting enough sunlight on the roof. See that plants and other creepers do not shade the panels.

So these are some basic guidelines to the maintenance of your solar panels. If you can maintain these few things then you will surely get long-lasting benefits. If you buy solar panels in Gurgaon or in any other place then it will be highly beneficial as it will save a lot of money on electricity bills.