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Drinking 101: How Not to Drink

It’s no secret that Filipinos love to drink. Whatever liquor is available in the Philippines best believe we’ve tried it.

We’ll make up occasions to justify our drinking. We’ll drink at home, in the streets, in the park, at restaurants, and practically anywhere legal. It’s not that we’re alcoholics or anything, we just enjoy company and treasure good times, and these are often accompanied by liquor.

Filipinos can handle their liquor… most of the time. Sometimes being a good drinker is innate, sometimes it takes years of practice – starting at age 18.

If you’re new to the art – yes, it’s an art – of drinking, then you’re in luck because we’ve got valuable tips and tricks for you!

Eat When You Drink

No drinking session is complete without a wide assortment of food. Every country has a say on what food goes best with alcohol.

Americans enjoy pizza and sliders with their drink. Koreans down their beers with chicken – coining the term chimaek (chicken + maekju (beer)). Filipinos prefer sisig, but will settle for an assortment of nuts if that’s not available. There are countless combinations and you can try them all.

The point is you have to eat when you drink. Food, specifically greasy and fatty ones, will slow down the rate of alcohol absorption, meaning the alcohol won’t easily enter your bloodstream. Eating a hearty meal before, during, or after you drink is the difference between a good morning and a hangover.

Know Your Drink

Know your liquor. You should familiarize yourself with the different kinds of alcohol available. Each liquor affects each person differently. Some get drunk faster with gin, others with beer.

As a beginner, you should identify which types of alcohol fit your taste. What gets you drunk? What can your body digest? What doesn’t feel right in your stomach? These are important questions you need to answer before you enjoy a night out.

Set a Limit

Beginners often make the mistake of matching the drinking pace of their peers rather than sticking to their own. The result is them getting drunk early in the night and dealing with a hangover the following morning.

To prevent this, set some limits for yourself. You can allow yourself one bottle an hour or a max of 4 drinks per night. Whatever rules you set, make sure you follow them. If you’re finding it difficult to abide by your own rules, have a trustworthy friend around to force you to.

Cure Your Hangover

For those who have failed to control themselves and are way past the point of no return, here are some quick and simple tips to get rid of that nasty hangover.

Curing a hangover is almost the same as preventing one. You can drink plenty of liquids or eat lots of greasy, fatty food. You can also try pain medication and vitamins. For a last resort, you can even go out and exercise.

Keep in mind that the best way to cure a hangover is to prevent a hangover.

Key Takeaway

It’s almost impossible to avoid drinking liquor in the Philippines, so the best you can do is learn how to handle your liquor.

Don’t pressure yourself nor let others pressure you into drinking past your limit. Following the tips above will guarantee you a night to remember and a hangover-free morning. That said, we leave you with one final piece of advice.

Have fun and drink responsibly!




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