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Common practices you need to avoid when promoting your business on Instagram

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There are different types of practices among marketers to make sure that you are getting enough traffic to your website. The various ways in which social media helps with the promotion are significant since social media these days are very actively used by more and more people across the world. There are different kinds of promotional practices, and you can ensure that your website gets the maximum possible traffic from the right sources when you are opting for the various ways of social media promotion. Here are some promotional practices that are marked as black hat techniques and hence should be avoided.


When you are leaving likes and comment on the uploads by your followers and prospective clients, do moderate it well. Ensure that you’re commenting and likes do not seem like you are trying too hard to get noticed which can get annoying and appear as spam to your followers. This is a practice that can even blacklist your website on the search engines if anyone reports your site for such tendencies. It is of utmost importance that your followers for Instagram do not feel bothered and irritated by the attempts of promotion that you make with your Instagram profile for your business.

Random hashtags

When you are uploading a certain picture, the hashtags that you are using along with it on Instagram should be used such that it is relevant to the images. Using trending hashtags would ensure that your profile can be viewed and found on Instagram easily. However, many professionals apply random and unrelated hashtags, and as a result, the images pop up on unrelated searches as well. This is a practice which is considered very annoying, and it does not get you appropriate traffic in the long run. The hashtags are the best way for finding the images and hence they should be used judiciously.

 Negative comment

As a brand, you would come across opinions from different people who are observing your products and services. Those who are willing to buy your products or have already dealt with you may often try to connect with you regarding complaints about your Instagram profile. While it is essential that you promptly entertain such inquiries, do make sure that you do not reply anything controversial to such queries. These can affect your reputation as a brand which in turn would lead to troubles related to getting proper exposure from the right sources.

It can be concluded that there are different promotional practices which are good or bad. As a rand, it is your responsibility to observe the good practices and tricks so that your company can create a strong reputation of their own and is recommended by the clients to more and more people looking for similar services.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.