An Overview Of The Rifle Scope Anatomy

The first time you buy OEM optics, be sure to learn all the fundamental parts and get familiar with specific terms. Here, we shall look at the basic parts of the best Japanese rifle scopes.

A rifle scope is basically a tube featuring lenses at both ends. It is more than just that. Certain sections are used to adjust the magnification power while others can fine tune the reticle’s position. Let’s get started.

best Japanese rifle scopes.Ocular lens

This is a piece of grass. It faces directly the shooter as they aim at a target. There is another lens (objective) but the ocular lens is smaller. The function of the ocular lens is to focus the light into the viewer’s eye. The light is accumulated at the objective lens which is on the other side of the scope. The ocular lens features different finishes to prevent water seepage and allow for better light transmission.

The eyepiece

This is the section of the scope which contains the ocular lens. Most of the best Japanese rifle scopes come with dials on this part to facilitate the adjustment of the reticle focus for the sharpest clarity level when viewing an object.

Power ring

Particular scopes allow for adjustments of the magnification power through the power ring. You can zoom in or out by dialing this ring. When you set the power ring to the lowest magnification level, your objects will appear 2x closer to your eye. When you increase the magnification power, your object will be 12x. You can adjust the power ring for a mid-range magnification to allow some field of view as you aim. However, rifle scopes with fixed magnification don’t have the power ring.

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Scope tube

This is the bridge between the ocular and objective lenses. It is a single solid metal piece and comes in two different sizes- 1” and 30mm. It is here that the scope rings are fixated and other items attached to the rifle to keep the scope in the right place.

Windage turret

This part allows the shooter to change the horizontal alignment of the reticle. It is found at the right side and is tuned with smaller clicks. You might tune the windage turret with your fingers or use a small coin and screwdriver. Both the windage and elevation are measured in milliradian or minutes of angle. Particular manufacturers allow you to pick the adjustment level on a turret.

Elevation turret

Like the windage turret, this one is found at the top of the scope and offers vertical adjustments for the reticle.

Japanese rifle scopes.Objective lens

This lens faces forward and gathers light around an object. It is bigger than the ocular lens and its diameter is calibrated in mm. it can be as small as 20mm or as big as 60mm. The bigger the diameter, the more it collects light hence brighter pictures. However, too big a size hampers the handling of the machine.

Use this knowledge when shopping the best OEM optics for shooting.