What to Consider While Buying Motorcycle Tyres

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Unlike cars, motorbikes are single-track vehicles and due to this they are tagged as quite dangerous by the wise people. Their logic is simple if you give it a thought. For example, if you make a simple riding mistake, you may get severely hurt. There could be several reasons for an accident; however, on various occasions it has been observed that riders meet undeserved fate just due to some fault in the components of the bike. Tyres are one such component among them.

To ensure that your bike always remains on the road with its rubber side down, it’s essential that you keep that rubber in good condition. In addition, you should be able to differentiate between different types of tyres while buying one for your motorcycle as they are the only contact patch with the road for your motorcycle.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss a few essential tips to help you choose best tyres for your motorcycle.

Tyre Size

Car drivers and motorcyclists get confused by the marking given on a tyre’s sidewall. However, car and motorcycle tyres differ from each other based on their usage and construction, the alphanumeric coding given on them is standardized and reveals their details.

Before buying tyres for your vehicles, you should be able to crack that tyre code as it will help you crack critical details about the tyre including its profile or aspect ratio, size, load index, speed rating and construction type, etc. All these details should match with the replacement tyre you are going to fit on your bike.

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Tread Designs

Most of the people think that a specific type of tread pattern defines tyre’s road grip, which is true to some extent and some people believe that bigger treads results in enhanced grip levels in all conditions. As a result, they fit these type of tyres without considering their riding style and conditions.

A tyre with bigger grooves and tread offers excellent traction or grip in wet or muddy weather conditions. They pump away more dirt and water from between the contact patch of tyre and road surface. On the other hand, if the same type of tyre is used on dry roads, the bigger groove leads to reduced contact patch of the tyre with the road. This lowers the grip level as well.

However, when a same kind of tyres is used on dry roads, the bigger groove percentage will lead to decreased contact patch of the tyre with road, which finally results in lower grip levels.

Therefore, whenever you buy Tyres for your motorbike, you must consider your driving conditions apart from its tread design. You must always buy Tyres from a leading manufacturers of two wheeler tyres India.