Want to make the best of summer memories? Travelling is all you need.

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Well, summer is here and so are the vacations. Yes, it’s that time of the year again; when the Sun is a little too much in love with everyone (pun intended!) and we are all geared up to beat the heat in the most fun and entertaining way, aren’t we? So, what are your plans of beating these scorching heat this summer? Not planned yet? Still on the fence? Well, ever thought of traveling and making the best of summer memories? Yes, nothing beats the happiness that traveling brings while helping you relax and rejuvenate in the most impeccable way. Take my words, this is the best way of spending your summer or any other season for the matter of fact. Traveling is just magical. It transports you to a world you have never been before and lets you visualize things from new perspectives while of course, helping you spend some quality time with family and friends. Wondering what’s so amazingly beautiful about traveling? Willing to dive deep into its roots? Well, take a look then and you will know it all; how traveling can bring the best out of you. Here we go.

  1. It’s a great stress buster: Stress, a word that has become a synonym for life these days can be beaten effortlessly if you put up your travel shoes and become a wanderlust, a vagabond. Yes, traveling is a great way of putting your depression and anxiety at bay while enhancing your happiness like never before. In fact, even the studies prove so. It’s been scientifically proven that even a brief traveling of 3 days can lighten up your mood and calm your nerves which, of course, keeps lingering even once you are back to your monotonous life. Yes, it’s that long lasting! Additionally, the Global Coalition on Aging also is of the belief that stress reduction is directly linked to extensive traveling. So, tell me, could beating the heat and stress get any easier than this? Think about it.
  2. Works wonders for mental health: Well, while traveling is all fun and entertaining, do you know about a plethora of mental benefits it brings along? Yes, traveling has a way of broadening the dimensions of your mind as you visit new places and interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures, thereby enhancing your mental capabilities, cognitive functions while keeping your mind sharp and active at the same time. In fact, the researchers are of the belief that people of who travel more tend to be more creative and emotionally stable which paves avenues for their impeccable personal growth.
  3. Keeps you fit and fab: Traveling can help you fulfill all your summer body goals instantly. Yes, you heard that right. From trying watersports and bungee jumping to indulging in paragliding and skydiving, there’s a lot of adventure that you can do while traveling which wouldn’t only give you that much-needed adrenaline rush but, also help you burn a few calories too. And, if that’s not enough, a long walk on the beautiful beaches can even help you work out your muscles and help you strengthen them. Well, that’s how fun and health go hand in hand. How cool does that sound!
  4. It makes you less prone to heart diseases: Traveling has a lot of medical benefits to induce one with and saving you from fatal heart diseases is one of them. Since people who travel frequently are less stressed and anxious as compared to people who don’t, they are less likely to face any heart disease or heart attack in general; a research done by Framingham heart study said.
  5. Traveling increases longevity: Well, believe it or not, but, traveling indeed enhances your chances of living more. So, whether you’re planning a local trip or a global one, you are not only adding oodles of fun in your life but, also increasing your life expectancy with all those reduced level of stress, anxiety and good mental and heart health. Now, this certainly is a cherry on the cake.
  6. Helps improve social connections: While traveling, you meet a lot of new people and interact with different cultures, getting out of your comfort zone which creates a bond much deeper than you think. Imagine being in an alien country, traveling solo, wouldn’t it increase your interaction with the locals out there? And, wouldn’t those interactions and experiences enhance your perspective while giving your confidence major boost while you figure out your life and journey, traveling one place at a time? In fact, with all those plenties of time in hand, you can even put your mind to some good use and write a travel journal of your experiences or indulge in creative games like online crossword puzzles, sudoku or scrabble? That would be quite a productive rendezvous for sure.

Well, now, since you know it all, isn’t the fact that traveling can bring the best out of you absolutely true? It undoubtedly is. Well, I have more facts to prove that. Take a look:

  • A study done by Expedia survey in 2012 revealed that a whopping 89% of the travelers found themselves relax and rejuvenate within two days of going on a trip.
  • In fact, another study done by the University of Kansas in 2009 revealed that even planning a trip as early as 8 weeks can lead to a major boost in your happiness level.

Now, isn’t that downright amazing? Imagine if solely planning a trip can have such positive effects on you, what actual traveling shall bring along? Totally amazing and absolutely happy days, of course! So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it high time you escape the chaos and mess of your oh-so-busy life for a while and indulge in some soul-stirring, calming serene and beautiful traveling experience? After all, it’s summer, it’s hot and you certainly are in dire need of cooling yourself to bits literally, while making some of the best, hashtag and Instagram worthy (social media butterfly alert here!) summer memories of a lifetime. Trust me, once you start traveling, there is no going back, my friend. It is that addictive, fun and engaging.

Okay, now go and CARPE DIEM because as they say ‘you only live once’ so, you better enjoy it to the fullest. Happy traveling, amigos!