Types of commercial light fixtures

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Commercial lighting mainly indicates to the lighting arrangements that are done in offices, hospitals, stores and other non residential areas.

Lighting is a very important thing in any place. Be it a private house o a commercial building, lighting is a major part that needs to be taken care of. No one likes to be in a shady and a dark place. If there is no proper light then people might find it disturbing. That is why; having right amount of light at the right place is very necessary. When lighting is done, commercial exterior LED lighting fixtures are also very important.

There are various kinds of commercial lightings which one should know about before they go for it.

Fluorescent Lights

These fixtures are mainly chosen because they look very nice because of their overall designs and appearance and they are very much a necessity for building occupants. Most architects and interior designers root for these lights as they look nice. That is why; tubular fluorescent lights are very common kind of fixtures that are used in commercial settings. They are mainly recessed into suspended ceilings and are mostly covered with textured lens or frosted lens. Any kind of standard fluorescent lights can contain one to four bulbs which depend on the amount of light needed in the particular area where it has been fixed. They are very energy efficient and long lasting at the same time. That is why; they are favoured by the commercial users.

Metal Halides

They are mainly high intensity discharged lighting that is mainly used in industrial applications and warehouses. They typically consist of a ceiling mounted pendant fixture with bulbs and lenses of different sizes. These lights produce large quantities of very bright light, allowing them to adequately light large spaces. But the high pressure halide lights are a bit inefficient. The low pressure sodium versions of these lights are good when it comes to energy consumption.


This form is the oldest form of lighting and here the lights are used as recessed down lights, desk lamps and may other fixtures. But due to old technology, these lights have a really short span. But still they are mostly used in commercial settings because they come at low costs. The lights are natural, just like a bright sun light and so it is very popular among the consumers.


Halogen lamps are commonly used for outdoor commercial applications. These lights are mostly used for security or flood lights. They can be most commonly seen in places like sports areas and stadiums. They produce a very bright and white light which are about twice as efficient as incandescent bulbs.

Compact Fluorescent

They are mainly based on traditional fluorescent technology and they have a wide variety of fixtures. They offer good energy efficiency and tend to produce a very natural and white lighting. They are also good for task lighting applications.

Commercial led light fittings can be done by taking help from professionals and one can also take suggestions from them.

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