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Trends and Repairs to Boost Your Home Value

We all love house flipping, the idea of making a few small changes to a home, and raking in the cash sounds like a dream come true. Fortunately, it is easy to flip your own home, by being careful with the repairs and trends you follow when updating your Home. We share Phoenix real estate investors favorite tips and tricks to make the most of a home while making the most cash!  To get the most for your property when it comes o sell, or to just raise your home value, follow these easy tips. These easy trends and repairs make selling your home easy!

How To Update Your Kitchen

Any Phoenix real estate investor will tell you that the most important room in your house is the kitchen. While a complete renovation can be stunning, to get the most bang for your buck, these easy tips will make remodeling easy. The first thing you should do is update your cabinets. Make sure they are hanging evenly, all drawers open easily, and there is plenty of storage space. Update the paint and add handles that will give it a clean and uniform work. Be sure to also give a fresh coat of paint to the rest of your kitchen to refresh it. You can even add trim, or swap out a new countertop to bring the whole room together. These quick fixes, are inexpensive and will tremendously improve your home value.  You can read more about how to update your kitchen here.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Any Phoenix real estate investors favorite update for any house is to get a new garage door. Not only are these relatively cheap, but they will instantly boost your curb appeal. Your curb appeal is your potential buyer’s first impression, so make it count! A new garage door makes your house look better instantly, and offers convenience for your clients. You can also add mulch, potted plants, and power wash your home to clean up the outside, all while spending next to no cash.

How To Avoid A Trend

Any trend that is going to be high maintenance for the current or next owners is a pass. This can be seen regularly in kitchens where clients will choose beautiful stones for backsplash or countertops without realizing the upkeep of the stones. Always be sure to pick textures that are easily cleaned, and cleaned with easy to find products! Porous stones, while beautiful are insanely hard to clean, so it’s easier to get the fake stone to replicate the look. The same can be said for dramatic light fixtures, I the piece is hard to clean or replace the parts than skip it. Another Trend to avoid is anything to central to your own personal taste. Avoid going to dramatic or artsy with your redesign and make sure your rooms have universal appeal. If you follow these steps when picking your trends and repairs are guaranteed to have a larger selection of buyers when you do list your home.

Know When To Use Bold Colors

The accent wall, love it or hate it is here to stay. Accent walls are a great way to add a focal point to a room and Phoenix real estate investors, absolutely love it. While bold colors can add drama to a room, or even give it a brighten a room, such as a strong orange, they are bound to be turn-offs to potential buyers. Neutral tones are here to help you sell your home. Tan, gray, and white will always be a welcome sight for buyers. These colors are easy to work with and easy to paint over! Here are some tips when choosing your color schemes. Blue, light blues match easily with other colors and will add a calming presence to a home. Yellow, mostly found in kitchens, but if used as an accent with tan looks charming and delightful. Red, dramatic, but add drama to a room and even make a room look wider, tie with a darker neutral to highlight a room. Green, calming, and works great in bedrooms.

When To Add Textures, And How

Phoenix real estate investors love adding textures to otherwise flat rooms. If your house is neutrally toned, (all white) or could just use a push to really make the room stand out, textures are a great way to add some drama. Some Common Textures that are all the rage right now are wallpaper, shiplap, brick, and wood. Each of these is beautiful and stunning in its own way. The best way to decide what texture to go with is what the trends are in your local market, once a trend falls out of style it can hurt your potential home sale, so choose a texture that will have universal appeal. Our personal favorite is brick, which can be painted, or wood. These are trends that have stood the test of time, and therefore can come in a variety of styles, looks, and price ranges.

These updates and trends are used all over by real estate investors, house flippers and more. By following these trends and updates you are almost guaranteed to sell your home, and list it for higher than before!

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