How To Use Treadmill Beginners Guide

Treadmill Beginners Guide

Treadmill Beginners Guide

Before the discussion of uses of the treadmill and knowing about its safety tips, we should know about the treadmill. The treadmill is a machine which you can use for a jog, run, and walk indoors. As treadmill belt is type of conveyor belt and it is not easy for beginners to run instantly. We also know running is one of the greatest appeals among the people and can be done outdoors. It can seem to make the time go faster and exposes you to fresh air and gets you in touch with nature. But the problem is that we cannot be running or jog outside regularly due to weather.

Beginners Treadmill Workout

Beginners Treadmill Workout

Get started:

If you are new to running on a treadmill, and treadmill is in gym. You must first check your feet grip on treadmill belt. Make sure that Motor Timing Belt is also fine because if it breaks. Treadmill will stop instantly and can harm you.

Starting Jog:

You should try 30 to 40 minutes’ treadmill workout. This workout is the combination of walking and running and you get your heart rate up. While it’s also priming your body for distance and speed. The first 15 minutes of your workout, you are most likely burning carbohydrates that you ate recently. After 15 minutes, you begin to burn body fat and build endurance.If you feel the workout is easy or hard, then play around with the speed. Be sure that your body adjusts this workout if not then give your body some time to adjust the physical demands of running for the first time.

Prepared Yourself:

Before starting on running on treadmill, you should prepare yourself for it. Buy a comfortable pair of shoes and wear thick socks. You should be wearing a well-fit technical T-shirt and a quality pair of shorts.

Walk & Jog Workout:

When you are feeling more comfortable on the treadmill during the running, give a chance to this workout that mixes walking and jogging.

30-Minute Workout:

This 30-minute interval workout is a great way to start increasing your speed. You need to set your timer and start walking at a 1.5 to 2 mph pace and stick to it for at least 10 minutes. Be sure to breathe deeply and visualize success all the way through. After this, you have to need to do two minutes jogging. Pick up the pace gradually &start jogging at 2 to 3 mph. At this first interval, you shouldn’t push yourself to Increase speed. Three minutes walking and four minutes jogging, this is your last round of relatively high intensity work so be sure to make the most out of it. Increase your speed to 4 to 4.5 mph if your fitness level allows it.

Cool Down:

Cool down for 5 minutes, by slowly lowering your pace each minute.

Switch To Sprints:

When you feel that you are now mastered the running, walk and jogging on the treadmill then you should try stepping up the pace. Your routine of mix up a sprinting and walking workout helps you to boost your endurance. Then you are ready for a tough challenge that is give yourself  60-minute interval workout.

Do Double Duty:

Sometimes you need to mix up the things. Let say, you feeling bored with machines, and then try other cardio workout that utilizes both the elliptical and the treadmill.

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