Top five Car Maintenance Tips for Smooth Running this Summer

Summers are probably the most annoying seasons of the year, especially if you are living in UAE. The wind storms, scorching hit and a temperature soaring to 60 degrees makes it impossible to live. But thanks to the cars that are equipped with proper facilities to resist the melting summer heat.

When car is your savior during the travel in summers, then one would want to stand in the middle of the desert with a car issue. Before you start embarking on a long drive to a nice point, take the time to review these summer travel safety tips.

Check vehicle health and air pressure

Usually people are concerned about the vehicle health when they decide to sell a car in UAE. But it is recommended that before you leave your home for a long trip, do a fortnightly check. Since the roads are simmering in summer heat, the car’s tyre pressure increases during the summers. Check all the vehicle’s health parameters. Checking the air pressure is necessary because having an inflated tyre to a normal level not only keeps you safe but also increases you fuel economy in longer routes.

Inspect the car fluids

Heat is so much in UAE that your car can easily heat up. It is, therefore, important to add water to the radiator as it keeps the engine temperature low. Check the coolant in your car when it is at rest and completely cool. Make sure that the reservoir is full with coolant and if the coolant looks oily, immediately take it to a mechanic. Periodically check the vehicle’s oil level. If it is the time to change it, then do it before it causes any trouble.

Use sunshield

It is hard to find a shady spot for parking in UAE. Sunlight is everywhere. As you know, all vehicles trap heat, you can will quickly turn into an oven if parked in direct sunlight. There is a way to keep it from becoming an oven, you can use a sunshield beneath the windshield to keep the in-car temperature low.

Get air conditioner serviced

Air conditioner in your car is just like oxygen for the driver in hot areas. One assessment expert for, which is an online car selling website, warns that on a 60 degree day, temperature inside the vehicle can reach deadly levels in less than ten minutes. Those with the poor health or sensitive to heat can easily catch a heatstroke. Topping up the AC gas, getting the cooling coil washed and cleaned is a must before summers. Additional tip: unclogging the vents and ducts in your car will improve the performance of the air conditioner.

Get yourself checked

It is better to avoid driving during the extremely hot days. Keep yourself hydrated and carry a couple of water bottles in your car when you are travelling. Drinking a couple of glass of water every hour will help you avoid stroke and dehydration.