Some Unknown Facts about Psychometric Tests

Some Unknown Facts about Psychometric Tests

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word psychometrics is measurement. Psychometric tests are actually an accumulation and application of the scientific and standard techniques in order to explore and evaluate a person’s cognitive capabilities and behavioral style. Such tests are carefully designed to determine an applicant’s suitability for a job post, keeping in mind his personality characteristics, attitude, aptitude and behaviors.

The interest test, aptitude test, attitude test, intelligence and achievement test, all are different kinds of psychometric tests. Also based upon the nature of the items of a test, psychometric test can be classified as verbal, non-verbal, performance and non-language tests. Although the psychometric tests are mostly verbal and nonverbal but the performance and non-language variations are also not uncommon. One prominent characteristic of the performance test is that they are mostly administered individually.

The individual administration is aimed at counting the errors made by the examinee accurately and also to calculate the amount of time that the applicant took for completing the test. One prominently common feature which is found in every kind of performance test is that, the extreme emphasis imposed on an applicant’s ability to perform a task rather than answering few questions, to get his knowledge tested.

The non-language tests however are those which do not depend on any form of written, spoken or reading communication. These tests remain completely free of the ability of using language in any way possible. Instructions are mostly given through gesturesor pantomime, and the examinees respond by pointing at or manipulating objects such as puzzles, pictures, blocks etc.Such testsare extremely helpful since the help us obtain information from people, who are unable to communicate in any form of ordinary language.Jobs involving high risk factors or situations like the military often test their existing workers or new job incumbents with this type of tests in order to make sure whether the workers will be able to cope and keep up the communication, when a stressful situation comes.

Selection of personnel in industry or other organizations can be carried out with the help of psychologists. Industrial, occupational and organizational psychologists are indispensable in any business organization and industries. The major function of the measurement tools in the process of recruitment and selection is to predict the ability of the individual. Sometimes it is found that the personnel selected fail to prove their mettle and the management is forced to take some drastic action against them such as dismissal, suspension etc. Hence here measurement and psychometric assessment to be particular, place a significant role by providing data on the basis of which suitable disciplinary action can be recommended against such personnel. This process of psychometrics helps in various types of classification, which has become indispensable for any program to be carried out effectively in industry. Also it helps in comparison between individuals, guidance and counseling of the existing workers to enhance productivity and also promote research work to obtain flourishing benefits.