Simple Yet Very Effective Ways to Practice Drums without a Drum Set

So your child has just started off with his drum lessons. That’s great. However, it is definitely too early to invest in a full drum set. The investment is heavy and you would want to wait for some time to see whether or not your child develops ample interest in learning the instrument.

A drum set is a heavy instrument. Since it isn’t portable and very difficult to carry from one place to another for practice, parents tend to look for alternatives to help kids with sessions.

Don’t worry. Lack of a drum set won’t hinder your child’s progress. He can still practice without problem and even improve his skills. All it takes is a bit of creativity on his part.

Listed below are some very interesting and effective ways to practice drums without using a drum set:

Training with Pillow

Don’t worry if you have no drum set or proper practice pad. The child can still practice well. Let him transform his favorite pillow into a practice pad. Yes, this beautiful thing he sleeps on might make for the best option. According to experts, since a pillow does not offer bounce, your child’s wrist must work well to lift the stick and then successfully bring it back down. Hence, drumming on pillow makes for an ideal way to practice those basics.


Being a drummer doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no need to work on vocals. The child can benefit a lot from vocal practice. So, ask your child to sing and memorize drum parts. Internalizing these parts will help him a lot.

Air Drumming

This may sound a little tough but air drumming can help young aspiring drummers practice well. It is a practice of playing on an imaginary drum set. This helps your child practice drums and build stronger muscles. Air drumming requires the child to work more muscles as compared to playing on a practice pad or actual drums.

Listen to Recorded Music

It is very helpful to listen to favorite songs when attempting to learn drum. So let your child put on headphones and engross himself completely into the song of his choice. When your child involves in active listening, he actually internalizes rhythm of song and learns it by heart.

Body Percussion

This might sound hilarious but human body is a live drum set. You can help your child use foot stomps, handclaps, belly, and lap slaps to practice drum!

Practice Pad

A practice pad is an important part of drum classes. These come in all types of weights, sizes, and materials. Some are also available to fit into each budget. You can find ones available with filled gel, sand, etc. Rubber pads are also used for making these pads. In case, you don’t have the traditional rubberized pad, go straight to kitchen and grab hold of pot holders.

Practice with Bucket

Did you know a 5-gallon bucket can actually help practice the child effectively? Yes, it can. So turn the bucket upside down and start working out on the self-created drum. Let the child practice drum exercises on bucket.

Hit the Floor

In order to make practice surface, you can use pavement, carpets, linoleum, and tile around you. All of these make for effective practice surfaces.

Hefty Sticks

Drum sticks are available in a wide variety of weights. So it would be beneficial for your child to try them out! Constructed from heavy metals such iron, some of these sticks might make the regular pair feel as light as feathers to your child. You may try out a pair of marching sticks for outdoor drum corps. Encouraging your child to play with lighter and heavier sticks will help develop musicianship within him without any need to have a drum set.

Drumming Grab Bag

You may encourage the child to use whatever he can grab his hands at to practice drums such as hangers, spoons, sacks of coins, jingle bells, etc. The idea is to help him use his imagination and enjoy the activity. Being a percussionist is a matter of pride. The world has to offer you all that you need to make a name in the field. So expect a huge number of instruments to shake, rattle, hit, jangle, bang, or shake. The child can bring some variations in his practice by laying out jingle bells, tambourines, kitchen items, and even toys.

Online Drums and Apps

It is a good idea to check out Apple or Android Store for varied drumming apps and effective practice tools. Starters can go for Drum Coach 1 or Rudiment Pro. Additionally, there are a number of sites that facilitates you to play digital drums. All you need to do is let your child have a look at some of these and see what he likes the best. You may also bookmark some of his favorites and encourage him to practice at computer.

The above listed activities will help your child improve muscle tone, coordination, and musicianship. The exercises will make the child get better behind drum kit. Happy practicing!

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