SEO Vs. SEM – The right strategy when you need immediate results!

Search engine marketing is a highly-rewarding and effective digital marketing technique, aimed to boost your sales by targeting highly-motivated and geo-tagged audience.

According to statistics, launching an SEM campaign with researched and targeted keywords reveal higher conversion rates for online businesses, as compared to some other digital marketing techniques. Provided, you are able to strategize and execute a well-researched SEM campaign, you can be sure of a higher and greater visibility in front of the audience that’s ready to make a purchase, thus resulting in high ROIs.

How does SEM work?

Well, SEM is quite similar to some other marketing platforms where you pay for your ad to be published or televised. However, the difference lies in the inherent quantitative and qualitative features of SEM. Being a digital marketing technique, SEM allows businesses to target ads precisely to the audience they want to. There are various filters that let marketers select the optimum space, and value proposition for their campaign and be certain of yielding higher ROIs. The cost of the campaign is influenced by the keyword (high competitive keywords comes with a higher price tag, only naturally), and your specifications about the ad campaign.

Are SEO and SEM same?

Well, this is a commonly prevailing question, especially from businesses that aren’t well-versed in the working of digital marketing. To start-of, SEO and SEM can be compared to each other, provided both techniques are aimed to increase the visibility and reach of businesses on search engines. In fact, SEO also comprises of paid marketing services (PPC) that is quite similar to SEM.

The fundamental difference between two techniques is the approach and target. SEO mainly depend on organic practices to increase the search engine ranking and visibility of a business, which might take a little longer but ensure a robust and lasting ranking. SEM contrarily takes a more direct and influential approach through paid marketing. It is mainly intended to quickly increase the visibility of the brand, without having to wait for organic ranking. The ideal approach in this regard is to employ SEO and SEM techniques simultaneously, which will not only give you instant market recognition but also ensure your website stays at the top ranking for a long time.

Here are some top benefits of employing SEM campaign for your online business:

  1. Instant Results

Growing your business ranking organically will at bare minimum take 3 to 6 months, which might be a lot of time for most businesses to wait. SEM, on the other hand, ensure immediate visibility and top position for the business. Thereby, when you feel like short on time, you can employ a well-strategized SEM campaign and can be sure of getting higher ROIs.

  1. Easy to Execute

Search engine optimize (SEO) might be a little tricky for the liking of most business owners. SEM, on the other hand, is quite easy and convenient to execute. No special technical training is required and anyone can get hold of designing a successful sem strategy with little practice.

About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is an avid digital-marketer and a passionate blogger. He likes to share his thoughts on latest from the digital world especially e-commerce industry. He is also part of a  USA based company; LeopardSol. that is offering affordable and reliable SEM USA services. You can contact him at XXXXX.