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10 Important Roles of Quantity Surveyor in Real Estate

Quantity surveyor is responsible for everything about the construction project – from materials to cost to dispute. In addition, they have a lot of roles to do in all stages of construction project. They always prepare schedule of quantities for the project.

They play a vital role to in raising the ability of construction work. Quantity surveyors run a wide range of competencies outside the traditional quantity surveying activities. Describing the overall function of quantity surveyor, it should be: manages the contractual relationships between the various parties involved in any particular building project.

Below are the different important roles of quantity surveyor in real estate:

Analyze the project before it commences

Quantity surveyors are required to analyze architectural and engineering drawings and specifications in order to prepare the bill of quantities. This bill puts every building item into different components for instance materials and labor that are required to finish the project.

Organizes the project

Organizing the division of a project into its component work packages, and award these work packages to smaller and more specialized construction companies or subcontractors. They also determine who offers the best deal.

Estimate the material quantities

They will measure the drawings and calculate the quantities of materials to procure including cement, sand, aggregates, steel, bricks, blocks, tiles, paint, and more.

Helps in decision making

Quantity surveyors also check the feasibility study to impart an evaluation about the financial requirements of the entire project. Their presence is important in the construction industry because they always make sure that the cost of construction is maximized. They carefully ensure that the construction costs as little as possible yet the end result is of high quality.

Procure the contract

A quantity surveyor will issue tenders or RFQs and hold negotiation meetings. They will also finalize contracts as well as issuing work orders and agreements.

Transact with contractors

They evaluate and monitor the payment to contactors on different stages of construction. They deal with constructors, suppliers and other stakeholders and ensure that payments to these groups of people are done in time to avoid disputes.

Material reconciliation

Quantity surveyor prepares a reconciliation statement based on the quantity of materials received, number of materials used, balance on site, and calculates the material wastage.

Monitor any changes in the project

Quantity surveyors are charged with the responsibility of monitoring the changes that occur in the design of the construction. They also monitor and assess the effects on the costs of construction, providing necessary advice regarding the costs, minimizing the costs of construction, and suggest quality end products. They also measure, value and negotiate the variations to the different construction designs available.

Handles dispute

They act as the middle man between all the stakeholders in the construction project. Quantity surveyors should be liberal and neutral and do not supports any side in case disputes arise. They need to have the skills and knowledge on dispute resolution and how to solve it as that is part of their responsibility and disputes are inevitable.

Adds up the total cost after construction

He/she can prepare a statement of final account, which records the actual costs for all sections of the job in the construction.