Reviews on Female Hair Transplants in India

Generally, shiny and long hairs are the biggest identity of almost all women in India. At this time, not only mans but also women are facing hair loss problem and later baldness also. Today, we have various treatments option available in India including FUE and FUT hair transplantation procedure. But it has seen that most of the women don’t cope with the hair replacement procedure.

Apart from hair transplantation, there are temporary solutions available in the market that may give you relaxation from hair falls problem for a limited time only. Let’s have look at these temporary solutions for hair problems.

  1. Medicine: Generally, there are two types of medicines are available for hair problems.
  • Orally Medicine- these Medicines need to take orally which lowers down the hormonal problems and stimulate hair growth. But it may affect till then you are taking medicine and when you stop it, baldness may reoccur again.
  • Topical solution- it can be directly applied on the scalp to stops the breakage of the hair strands and stimulates hair growth. At the same time, 50 % of users say that it is not a responsive medicine for them

 2. Hair weaving and Wigs: It can be a great advantage for the women who are fashion loving and suffering from hair loss problem. At this condition, when women don’t lose whole hair but their hair gets thinning. Hair weaving and wigs are also used to wear a hairstyle with the different dresses. Hence, it is a temporary solution for hair loss

3. Hair surgeries: female hair transplants in India are not much preferable because it is a permanent solution for men only. It has proven that long hairs transplantation is not possible for female. However, the women who are suffering from thinning of eyebrow and eyelashes often go through the eyebrow hair implantation on both. Therefore, the FUE hair restorations are the permanent treatment solution for eyebrow and eyelashes for the woman.

However, there are lots of fake people who claim in the market that you that they can get you long hairs too. Be careful therefrom that scammer, the reality is they don’t get you what you are looking for. We would like to recommend better to use a temporary solution in party or marriages than going through the horrible situation of baldness. For more information and free consultation get in touch with female hair transplant expert in Delhi.