Pros and Cons of PVC vs. Wood Trim

Pros and Cons of PVC vs. Wood Trim

Traditionally, homes were built using wood trim throughout the inside and outside of the property. However, people are now wondering, what’s the difference in PVC vs. wood trim.

There are pros and cons to using either one in a building project. PVC is durable and affordable, but it can be difficult to work with. Wood trim can be a bit more expensive, but it offers a natural look.

PVC vs. Wood Interior Trim Differences

When thinking about using PVC in your home, take into consideration the idea that it is affordable and extremely durable. The hard part of using PVC is that you have to drill a hole for every spot that you want to put a nail in so that it can be properly attached.

Wood trim is easier to work with, and natural wood is super durable. However, you are going to pay quite a bit more to have it throughout the construction of the interior of your home. You have to look at your budget and what you’re going to be willing to spend on trim before selecting this option.

PVC vs. Wood Interior Trim Differences

Exterior Wood Trim Alternatives

When it comes time to do the exterior of your home, wood trim is no longer the only option. PVC is moving up into a more popular spot because of its resistant capabilities. It can withstand all kinds of weather and elements where wood would start to mold, decay, and break down over time. The PVC trim stays in place and looks better over the course of time.

Is PVC Trim Paintable?

PVC trim doesn’t have to be painted necessarily, because you can purchase it already with an appearance of natural wood, even though it’s plastic. If you do want to change the look of it, the PVC can be painted. It is recommended to do so in most instances because it’s going to make it last even longer.

Are There Problems with PVC Trim?

Of course, there are issues related to PVC trim, just like with any other product. One of the most significant concerns of some homeowners is the idea that it’s made artificially with chemicals. It puts a worry in place for their being health issues associated with breathing it in.

Another problem is the shifting that the PVC will do when the weather changes. If you complete the project on a mild fall or spring day, you probably aren’t going to be able to notice any of these gaps.