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Sandwich is a very popular and easy to make food item which is mainly made from bread and there should be some type of filling in between. There are various kinds of sandwiches and each one is different from the other because the fillings are different.

One can order sandwich online from the endless varieties available to beat their quick hunger pangs. According to many food historians this was invented by a cook named John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

Here are a few popular variations of sandwich that one can try.

Bacon sandwich

This one is also known as the bacon sarnie or the bacon butty. In this particular type of sandwich, the filling is made from cooked bacon. One mainly uses margarine or butter for the spread. This one is said to have originated in United Kingdom. The main ingredients for the filling are eggs, cheese and bacon and sometimes fried eggs are also added to that.

Baked Bean Sandwich

As the name suggests, the filling here is made from baked beans.  This one is very popular among the students as it is very easy to make.

Club Sandwich

This is also popularly known as the club house sandwich. One needs three slices of roasted bread which are interlaid along with some juicy pieces of chicken or ham or turkey. It also contains fresh vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes. The mayonnaise is added there for some extra character. It is a triple Decker sandwich which is very filling and it is said to have its origin in America.

Barbeque Sandwich

This sandwich is made up from barbeque meats. There are plenty of options to choose from the meat. In these sandwiches sometimes instead of barbeque meats, barbeque sauce is used.


It as its origin in Brazil. The main ingredient used for the filling is roast beef. Also one uses tomatoes, pickles and melted mozzarellas for the filling as well. The bun or the bread which is used to make this sandwich is the typical toasted Portuguese styled bun. This is very popular as a traditional Brazilian sandwich.

Cheese Steak

This is also known as the Philadelphia cheese steak or the Philly cheese steak. This is mainly made from chipped steak. The steak here is frozen and then sliced really thin and the grilled properly. The rolls that are used for this sandwich are thin and long.


It comes from the Middle East region of the world. The filling here is made from chickpeas or the combination of beans and chickpea cutlets. They are fried and then kept in between the pita bread. They are usually served with mint chutney and tahini sauce.


This was initially made from the beef of German Hamburg cows and so the name came from there. Today it has become a very popular part of American cuisine. Beef patty is the main filling which gives a juicy flavour to it.

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