The Importance of Musical Education

The music that accompanied humanity since the dawn of its existence, obviously, was originally associated with the rhythmic movements of ritual dances, and with different kinds of chants of primitive people.

The study of the genres of professional music of the most ancient civilizations eloquently confirms this close relationship.

Music develops all kinds of human perception: visual, auditory, sensual. Moreover, all kinds of memory develop: visual, auditory, motor, figurative, associative. Music promotes and associative fantasy, and hence, mastering other types of art. Children who study music, very quickly discover abilities not only in other forms of art.

The first higher educational musical institutions (conservatories) were founded in 1759 in Paris and in 1811 in Prague. In the 19th century, they were already organized in most major cities in Europe and North America. There was also a wide network of private music schools, studios, musical schools.

Musical education in many countries and abroad today is a harmonious system of both the professional training of creative personnel and the musical development of children from the preschool age.

Pythagoras, creating his own school of wisdom, based on music and mathematics. He considered the harmony of numbers to be akin to the harmony of sounds, for both of these occupations regulate the chaos of thinking. Playing a musical instrument forms a sense of rhythm in the child, there is a quick adjustment of the coordination between the hearing and the motor skills of the hands.

A schoolboy who knows the music symbolism, who knows how to divide a piece of music, into phrases that can convey thoughts in sound, easily copes with similar tasks in writing!

The professional music appears and grows stronger, the main genres of which were the songs that were honored by the kings, hymns performed by musical ensembles of singers and instrumentalists.

The Ancient East can be considered the birthplace of musical education. Music there was given a leading place in ritual and court ceremonies, military parades, folk festivals, etc. The level of musical culture was also high in Ancient Greece, which determined the corresponding level of musical education. Here is the best website to download royalty free rap beats for more increase your musical knowledge.

In most European countries, music education was mainly associated with the Christian church. Such centers in Western Europe were singing schools with cathedrals and monasteries, then universities which were originally of the church-enlightenment nature.

With the development of the musical art of cities, musical knightly art, singing communities, workshops of instrumentalists. the role of free music teachers is also increasing With the advent of the Renaissance, the secular trend in music and the associated preparation of singers and instrumentalists for orchestras and court theaters intensified.

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