How to get rid of Automatic Connections to Open WiFi Networks?

Transform the default settings to avoid involuntary WiFi connections toward public hotspot. Connecting to an open and free wireless hotspot may expose your mobile, computer or other smart devices to the highest security risk. It may also threaten you to know that most of the public hotspot enables by default without notifying the user and their laptops, tablets, iPhones, etc. automatically get connected with wireless hotspot available for community in public places. Similarly, New Extender Setup must be managed suspiciously to avoid the risk of securities and use to check by users whether the wireless network settings are enabled or not. We also suggest our valuable users that they should connect to such free wireless networks only when they need.

Forget Unneeded WiFi Networks

Today’s modern smart mobile devices and Windows computers often remember the wireless networks they have connected to them in the past and whenever they come in the range of that connection again, the smart feature of WiFi device catches its signals immediately and don’t even ask the user permission whether he wants to connect with it or not.

Same happens in the case of WiFi Range Extender Setup when users buy a new device; they often get frustrated because they fail to fix the issue on their own. The reason behind such situation is simple that users forget to disable their public wireless hotspot range. Third-party or neighboring devices that carry the same frequency may cause interferences during the steps of your configuration. This act tends to frustration who want to control but can’t.

To avoid such annoying situation of automatic connections, limit the security exposure and click on Forget This Network by going on the WiFi menu on your device to avoid a manual connection with it. This short process will remove the entire public wireless network immediately from your device and never let them connected until unless you want to go with it.

How can you disable an Automatic WiFi Connection on a Windows Computers?

When coming to the range of a WiFi network, Microsoft Windows PC provides an option of auto connects (turn on or off):

  • Open the Network and Sharing Center on the Windows Control Panel on the home screen of your computer.
  • Click on the link located in the upper-right corner that shows the active WiFi network. The link includes the list of available network name active within the range of your device.
  • On a connection tab, a new window will appear with a pop-up and several options. To disable an auto-connect uncheck the box, which is situated next to Connect automatically when this network is in range. Recheck only in temporary situations whenever you need to connect to the public wireless network.

Windows computers or laptops provide comparable check option like:

  • Right-click on Wireless Network Connection before going further with properties.
  • Simple click on the tab named Wireless networks. Then click on advanced icon on the same tab.
  • Be sure that about the deactivation of automatically connect to non-preferred networks.

Note: During the process of your Netgear Extender Setup, you are forced to forget all the existing wireless connection active within you. Just go with your private one and complete your setup without any interference of hackers, neighboring devices, etc. and connect the new device with your router with the help of an Ethernet cable and open Mywifiext by the means of a web browser.

Netgear Genie Setup is a safe and secure application that easily makes a strong relationship with all your devices and also provide you a reliable active wireless connection with a high speed of Internet to use.

How can you disable Automatic Wireless Connections on Apple iOS?

Options called Auto-Join are associated with the extra smart devices that include iPhones, iPads, etc. By going to Settings > WiFi, go with any network and ask the iOS device of yours to forget it. This device automatically joins any network without informing its users. For an extra level of protection, just go with the slider button (on/off) on your home screen, which will never connect to the network unless you turn the WiFi settings on.

How can you disable Automatic Wireless Connections on Android?

Most of the wireless carriers have their own connection management apps that automatically scan available networks and often try to use them. But if you update these additional settings and have a connection optimizer beneath Settings > More > Mobile Networks, you have to disable such settings if in case it is automatically activated.