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How to get admitted to the VLSI training institutes

There are many training institutes which are being developed in India and other countries abroad, to train students to become professional semiconductor industry experts.  These institutes hire professionals, who have experience in the field of the semiconductor industry. Industrial projects and semiconductors industry related projects such as design verifications, design architects of VLSI and many other types of courses are made available. Some courses are of six months or of 3 months or of 1 year. These courses vary according to the students, time schedules, and others. There are special courses for already accomplished professionals, while there are courses for fresher’s and freshly graduate engineers also.

Getting admitted to these institutes needs many structured steps. These are listed below.

Demo class

The demo classes help the students to get an idea of the type of classes that are going to be held at the training institutes.  Before getting admitted by paying a lot of money, a demo class is very helpful for the students as they can understand the educational and learning environment there.

Online registration

Very easy online registration is available. Various kinds of details about the entrance exams, online exam scholarship benefits, and others are available.  Payments for admission are also made possible through online processes and online modes.


Any queries about the training courses or other details are easily answered by the institutions without any hassles and difficulty.

Taking the test

Students can sit for the online entrance examination test. These entrance online tests help to give the students various types of scholarship benefits that are available.  Various kinds of scholarship benefits are available on various types of selected courses based on the score in the online tests by the students.

Training process

QSoCs assists the students to fulfill their dreams by providing quality education and challenging placement training including mock interviews which ultimately help candidates in getting Engineering jobs, Aptitude training, and CV preparation as per the requirements of the companies.

After getting admitted to the training institutes, students are given a structure of their course and the contents along with the timetable.  The timetables are made in such a way that it is beneficial and helpful to all students coming from different kinds of background. The institutes make sure that no student is lagging behind or having any problems in the course of learning.  Through various kinds of practical sessions, demonstrations, interactive classes integrated internship programs, the professionals and teachers of the training institutes make sure that the students are receiving the best of education.  The teachers help the students to grow, develop and learn as much as possible to be eligible to work in the semiconductor industry.

There are many top VLSI institutes in Bangalore, which offer different kinds of semiconductor industry related diploma courses, internship programs or integrated educational programs. VLSI design training in Bangalore, help the students to learn about various kinds of details about the working environment, various types of challenges of the semiconductor industry. This training becomes very beneficial for the students as these help the students to grow, develop, to think innovatively and creatively.

The practical industry level programs, projects and interactive class, help the students to be well prepared for all kinds of challenges of the semiconductor industry.