How to Fix Outlook Express File Size Limitation Corruption – Permanent Solution

dbx file size corruption limitation

Are you also looking for an answer to fix Outlook Express file size limitation corruption? Does the query seem familiar to you? Well, do not despair as the solution to the problem is very straightforward. So, let us begin to fix Outlook Express DBX 2 GB file limit error. Read this article to fix Outlook Express file size corruption with DBX Converter free.

Outlook Express is the email client of Internet Explorer. Outlook Express is an outdated application but, still used by some of the users. The DBX file is created for every Outlook Express mailbox. The name of DBX file will be similar to the name of the folder. In other words, the Inbox folder will have the DBX file as inbox.dbx and Outbox folder will have the name as outbox.dbx. By default, the location of these .dbx files is in Documents and Settings of a user’s directory. It is present in the Stores Folder.

The stores’ folder is regarding Folders.dbx file. This comprises of all the DBX files or folders inside it. Even minor problems can easily attack these DBX files. This may lead to unavailability of data. That is why it is very necessary to keep the backup of data. In case of file size corruption in DBX file, it is better to cure it with the automated tool.

Outlook Express Error Other Than DBX 2GB Limit Problem

Some of the common errors which occur in Outlook Express are:

  • File Already Exits
  • Object Error
  • Path/File Error
  • Disk Full
  • Bad File Name
  • Permission Denied
  • Out of Memory
  • File Already Open
  • OLEXP: Err Msg

Reasons for Outlook Express 2GB Limit Fix in Outlook Express

The various reasons which lead a user to fix corruption in Outlook Express DBX file are:

  • When the file size of DBX file crosses a limit of 2GB
  • Virus or Malware attack
  • Due to lack of proper space in the disk or memory, OE will be unable to start
  • Outlook Express cannot start when ‘Msoe.dll’ file crashes
  • MSIMN results in an invalid page fault in the module Msoe.dll or MSIMN cause an invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll at the address
  • Improper installation of Outlook Express results in flashing of bad messages
  • An interruption in compaction procedure results in Outlook Express File Size Limitation Corruption
  • Anti-virus application is incompatible
  • Due to abrupt system shutdown, DBX file closes suddenly
  • Other third-party tools intervene in between
  • Outlook Express does not start because the msoe.dll file could not be restarted.

The most important reason which results in corruption of OE is the limitation of 2GB file size. When the size of the file is more than 2 GB, the file becomes corrupted and data becomes inaccessible. The user gets an error message and it seems like inbox is empty.

Preventive Measures to Fix Outlook Express 2 GB Limit Problem

Some of the measures to be taken to avoid Outlook Express file size corruption are:

  • Disable Antivirus email scanner because it operates as a redundant layer of protection. It damages the CPU and causes some issues with time-outs and account settings
  • The emails in the sent items or inbox should not be archived
  • Delete all unwanted emails so that the size of the file does not exceed 2 GB
  • Store only important emails and delete the others
  • Keep the backup of data under Stores Folder
  • While working in the offline mode, manual compaction of Outlook Express mailbox folders must be done on a regular basis.
  • When the procedure of data compaction is in progress, do not use the computer or any key
  • The option of automatic background should be disabled

These preventive measures will help any user to keep the DBX file secure and free from corruption

Expert Recommendation to Fix Outlook Express File Size Limitation Corruption Permanently

In case, preventive measures do not help a user to fix the corruption in DBX file, users can switch from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook. The file size limitation which occurs in Outlook Express will be completely eliminated after moving to Outlook. For this, the professionals recommend using an automated tool like DBX to PST converter. It is a simple but smart utility which can carry out the conversion in the easiest possible way. According to the experts, it is the commercial solution to export multiple DBX files to Outlook PST format. Additionally, it also equips the user to transfer DBX data to MBOX, EML or MSG file formats.

The Final Verdict

There are many limitations in the Outlook Express. One of the most common issues is Outlook Express file size limitation corruption. The post describes various preventive measures to solve the corruption issue due to limited file size. But, in case the issues will not be resolved using manual measures, it is suggested to switch from Outlook Express to Outlook. This can be done with the help of an automated tool like DBX to PST converter.

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