How to Build an Ecommerce SEO Strategy for Large Retailers

There are plenty of ways that a large retailer would give any ecommerce SEO Company a run for their money since there are many considerations that would need to be thought about. There are plenty of discussions that revolve around numerous different areas like duplicate content, tags, URLs and link structure. However, the experts would need to come up with a strategy that would work for these large retail sites and here are how they typically do that.

Research on Long-Tail Based Keywords

If you are looking for a SEO services strategy for your website that is based on strong keywords, then you want to go for some long tailed options rather than the shorter ones. First, we need to know what they are, which means:

  • They don’t come up in any of the tools for keywords
  • They only show up in the Google search console and Google Analytics
  • Very small amount of traffic each
  • Often not searched more than one time
  • Make up the large majority of the web based search traffic

This would be good if you are looking at answering questions or focusing on certain topics in your blogs.

Voice Searches

These days it is entirely possible that the search that is being run might be done through voice prompts. This is important since there are more question like searches that are being run lately than those that are done using a few keywords. You should make sure that you have the options available for different languages like British and American English that should be input into the system. You should also make sure that both conversational and casual language in input so that whatever phrases are used would come up with the same results.

Research on Competitors

One of the things that the experts from the top ecommerce SEO Company would be able to help you with is researching all of your competitors. They would be looking at a few specific things, such as the keywords that they are using. You want to find keywords that aren’t the same as the other competitors are using so that you will turn up in the other searches. They would figure out which ones would be useful for you and would avoid getting other large competitors in the same search. This is a good way to figure out some more unique keywords that you can put into use.

It is important that if you are a large retail ecommerce business that you have someone to take care of your search engine optimization needs. They would be able to come up with the perfect strategy for you, which might include using long tail based keywords rather than shorter ones. Also, you should think about what languages would be used and ensure that both casual as well as conversational phrases are input. Getting research from your largest competitors is also a good way to come up with the perfect strategy because then you will know which keywords and phrases you need to avoid using so that you can be at the top.