Everything You Need To Know About Avengers: Infinity Wars

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Among all platforms ­­– movies, limited series, TV shows – the Marvel universe has been expanding exponentially and is expected to grow more with time. A really good news for Marvel fans has been delivered by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige that they are considering the comic book world experience to expand on the big screen for all Marvel fans to cherish. Nowadays, we all are pumped up to watch the Marvel’s next big thing: The Avengers: Infinity War.

A refresher On Infinity War Story

You need a lot to catch up on if you haven’t started figuring out what is going to happen in the movie. No spoilers are included in this article so you’re safe to read it. This movie incorporates backstory of 18 movies in it. How the movie proceeds are that our intergalactic badass Thanos, who’s on a look for all the six infinity stones has finally come to light after appearing in several movies through infinity stones references a well. What he possesses is a gauntlet which happens to have a space to fit all the six infinity stones and with the support of these infinity stones, it will be nearly impossible for Avengers to stop him at any cost.

Know the Wild Cards Included in the Movie

Well, if it wasn’t clear in the trailer then let me repeat again, it’s our outer space wanderers, the Guardians of the Galaxy. For the first time in Marvel movies, we’re going to experience the earth-bound heroes working closely with the outer-space wanderers to put a stop on Thanos. In this movie, we’re expecting to experience the impromptu dance moves of Star-Lord, the boyhood of the Groot, the smartness (Read: foolishness) of the Drax with the pinch of Gamora, the daughter of Thanos.

Know the Directors and Writers

Marvel Cinematic universe doesn’t trust easily on people to work on it. But it has all the trust in the direction of this duo Joe and Anthony Russo. Not only that, it also trusts blindly on the writing skill of the duo Stephan McFeely and Christopher Markus. This writing duo got the chance to write the script of Captain America: The First Avenger and that movie really made a mark on Hollywood with such script. Again, all those four men came together to work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That movie was no doubt a massive success at the box office.

But the success streak didn’t end there, these four men continued to amaze all the Marvel Universe through their unparalleled direction and writing skills that they made Captain America: Civil War another masterpiece of Marvel. So, it was evident that Marvel couldn’t have trusted anyone but these four men to create Avengers: Infinity War that would surpass the expectations of all Marvel fans and produce another masterpiece for Marvel.

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