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By boring, it means a process of boring or increasing the diameter of a hole with the help of a boring head or a single point cutting tool, like enlarging the diameter of a gun barrel or an engine cylinder. Generally there are 2 types of boring – line boring and back boring. The machinery used for this purpose are the re-boring machines which are able to make a bore faster with the best possible surfacing finish. If you are looking for these mechanical requisites for your next project, make sure you get in touch with one of the leading re-boring machine manufacturers in the country for the quality tested and certified machinery for the best results.

Different Types of Re-boring Machines and their applications – The various types of re-boring machines, based on their area of application are as below:

  • Line boring – This is used to bore holes in large construction projects like cranes and end loaders
  • Tunnel boring – It is one of the strongest and can bore in the hardest rock as well, it helps to produce a smooth finish tunnel wall easily
  • Horizontal boring – These are used in rigid construction purposes
  • Directional boring – This includes a frame and works on drive mechanism by which the it can be mounted on the frame
  • Cylinder boring – These are generally used for re-boring of cylinders in automobile engines
  • Jig boring – These are used in drilling, boring, and counter-sinking holes in metal work to enlarge the existing diameter of the holes and thus provide a smooth finish
  • Portable boring – These come with a pneumatic or hydraulic drive which makes them flexible and powerful
  • Vertical boring – These are used in manual and vertical direction drilling purposes, these have a drill chuck
  • Coupling boring – These are generally used to bore precision couplings and are normally used with other boring machines

It is advisable to consult the premium re-boring machine manufacturers which comply to International Standards Organization (ISO), which means they are quality tested and certified.

Where are Re-boring Machines used – Re-boring machines are considered in mechanical usages like pile top drilling, doweling, and concentric re-boring of holes on dozers, backhoes, and end loaders

Machinery Supported– The process of boring can be performed on lathes or turning centre and milling machines. Those machines which use boring as a primary function like jig borers and boring machines or boring mills, which include vertical boring mills, where the workpiece rotates around a vertical axis while the boring head moves linearly like those in vertical lathes and horizontal boring mills, where the workpiece is stagnantly placed on a surface while the boring head rotates around a horizontal axis like that of a specialised horizontal milling machine

Specifications for Re-boring machines – There are different specifications for each type of re-boring machines. A line boring machine can measure bores with the help of calibrated internal and external micrometres and the size ranges from 50 mm to 2000 mm. For a horizontal boring machine, the diameter of the boring spindle is 100 mm, torque of 1100 Nm and speed of spindle ranging from 10 to 1100 RPM.

Remember re-boring machines are one of the critical mechanical requisites, so it I always advisable to get them from the leading re-boring machine manufacturers, for the genuine products which will function smoothly.

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