Do probiotics make you poop?

When you suffer from constipation, people often say you should eat more probiotics. Do probiotics make you poop? Read this article for more information.


Probiotics are widely known to have a positive effect on people’s health, especially the digestive system. In particular, people who usually suffer from diarrhea and constipation are highly recommended to intake more probiotics to soften their stools. What are probiotics? How do they work? Do probiotics make you poop more?  Please keep scrolling down to find the answer and see their amazing health benefits for your digestive system!

What are Probiotics?

For some people, probiotics are considered a kind of germs which are mistakenly known as a source of diseases. In fact, this is not always true under any circumstance. The human body contains about 10 trillion bacteria and there are two sorts of them surviving together: good bacteria and bad bacteria. The bad ones are probably more well-known for causing illness, diarrhea, cholera and so on. In this topic, we will mainly discuss the good one – probiotics, natural creatures that have survived in your body since you were born. Today, you can find various sources of probiotics from daily food and functional supplements, the most common source would be yogurt – delicious, cheap and healthy.

Whenever someone has trouble with his digestive system, doctors always choose probiotics as an initial indication to solve the problem. Some common diseases that need the support of probiotics are diarrhea, constipation, inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), etc. Constipation is probably the most common disorder that needs probiotics to loose stool and improves bowel movements.

How do they work?

Before learning “how do probiotics make you poop?” let’s take a look at their working mechanism. As we have mentioned above, your digestive system consists of both good and bad bacteria. The amount and proportion of these microorganisms should always be kept in balance to maintain normal function of digestion.

Just imagine good bacteria are friendly conscientious workers that support you in your digestion. Meanwhile, bad bacteria are the gangsters that always try to cause problems. Normally, the number of our beloved workers is sufficient to overwhelm the gangsters. However, the situation may go wrong due to some reasons. For example, after you intake antibiotics products, it accidentally wipes out all of the good bacteria and leads to the domination of obnoxious gangsters. It is high time that you listened to your doctor advice: use probiotics to solve everything. The appearance of probiotics in your digestive system will replace the wiped-out ones; restore your intestine to original condition. Now we have new strong workers so that the gangsters cannot dominate again!

Do probiotics make you poop better?

Constipation – a common digestive problem what annoys nearly 15% of American – can easily be solved with the help of probiotics. With extremely dry and hard stool and irregular bowel movements, how Do probiotics make you poop?

Though it is still not widely accepted among scientists that probiotics do help in constipation treatment, we do have reasons to conclude that probiotics can make you poop better.

  • Improve the frequency of pooping

If you usually visit the toilet for 3 or fewer times a week for pooping, it is possible that you are struggling with constipation. The fewer times a week you poop, the harder it is each time. Scientists have experimented probiotics on a group of people with constipation. The result is optimistic as the probiotics-taking group improved the pooping frequency by 1.3 times compared to the non-probiotics group. These people also do 2.5 times more bowel movements, which means they don’t have to struggle for hours in the toilet anymore.

  • Soften the feces

Health experts report that some kinds of probiotics like Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus Plantarum show advantages in softening the stool which helps reduce pain and bleeding during the process.

  • Regulate the digestive speed

The gut transit time, known as the period of time for food to move from the stomach to intestines, is different among people. Some people have so short gut transit that it is difficult for the body to absorb all the nutrients from food. On the contrary, if the food stays too long in our digestive system, the water may be evacuated that makes the stool become hard and dry – the main cause of constipation. Probiotics like Bifid bacterium lactic show great ability to balance the gut transit time thus reduce constipation and help you poop better.

Bonus advice from health experts

  • You can increase probiotics intake from various sources like yogurt, Korean kimchi, kefir, coconut kefir, soybean, etc.
  • Always combine probiotics with a proper diet that is sufficient in fiber – a low-fiber diet is the most common cause of constipation.
  • Drink enough water – absolutely
  • Take exercises regularly and keep yourself away from the stress


After reading the article, you can find out the answer for “Do probiotics make you poop?” as well as understand more about these beneficial microorganisms. Hope that this could help you in your effort to keep fit and stay healthy. Now don’t hesitate, just take out a yogurt and enjoy! Good luck!