Debunking 3 common myths to choose the right SEO Services Auckland!

You have just opened a business and now your primary task is to hire a professional search engine optimization firm to take care of marketing needs of your business. You decided to browse your way through by typing “SEO Services Auckland (that’s where we suppose you are located at). Now, you have list of hundreds of SEO service firms screaming “hire me”. What’s your next step? How do you suppose to choose the right SEO services? Every SEO services Auckland firm is promising to deliver you top ranking on search engines, how do you intent to relate to their promises?

Ok, this isn’t a new topic and you will find various blogs and articles addressing this issue. What we really want to discuss in this blog is to negate some commonly prevailing myths in choosing the right SEO agency. We think it is important because most start-ups or small businesses fall for these myths that translate into loss of time and crucial capital (that might be lethal for small businesses). So, let’s debunk some common myths of choosing the best SEO services.

– These guys have great website, I am sure they know their stuff;

To start with, the aesthetics of web design has nothing to do with SEO services. Probably if you were looking for a firm that can handle your web design simultaneously with marketing needs, you might opt to take this into consideration. However, since you are mere looking for a search engine marketing firm, a company doesn’t qualify as the best business merely on the basis of its aesthetically pleasing web design.

–  See these guys are ranking at the top ranks over Google in my area, so they must be great with the ranking stuff

Hypothetically this might be an quantitative advantage of a SEO services firm to rank high on Google for a particular area, but you got to remember there are other variables into play here. In fact, if you aren’t really into it, there is an entire separate branch for search engine marketing known as local SEO, which take into account various geographical elements to rank a business higher in SERPs. So, if an SEO services Auckland firm rank high in Google, it might be due to their geographical proximity to your area or they might have a really old domain (which also contribute to higher organic ranking for business websites).

This firm is a big fish with hundreds of employees and million-dollar revenue stream, they must be prodigious in this stuff:

Ok, a large business doesn’t really guarantee great service. Alternatively, their massive revenue stream might be because of strong funding, or strategic partnerships, something that has nothing to do with proficiency in search engine optimization. Besides, bigger isn’t always better, because even if this large flashy firm is really good in doing the stuff, they might not be suited for your small budget. Even, if you somehow manage your finances, going after such massive firms can backfire in terms of customer experience (they already have huge business and they really don’t care if you stay with them or not).