Cristiano Ronaldo Hoping to Be Fine to Play in Champions League Final

If you are wondering if Christiano Ronaldo is going to be able to play in the upcoming finals of the Champions League, then you need to keep up-to-date with the daily football news online. During the last game Real, Madrid’s top player Christiano Ronaldo suffered an injury to his ankle during the first 14 minutes of the game. Now the entire team, including the coach, is hoping that he will be fit and fine to play when it comes time for the final match.

Injury During Game

Ronaldo was injured when Real Madrid was playing in one of the last matches on Sunday of the Champions League against Barcelona. He had scored an equalizing goal during the first 14 minutes of the match, but not before he was injured. He was able to keep playing up until the halfway point of the match before he was brought in for him. The team went on to secure a draw for the match at 2-2 before the 72nd score by Gareth Bale.

The question is now whether or not Ronaldo will be able to play during the finals on May 26th where they will play Liverpool. As of now, even the coach Zinedane Zidane doesn’t know what the outcome will be and if they will have their key player available for the final match. After the match, Zindane had spoken about the injury that Ronaldo suffered. He stated, “How long he will need I cannot tell you but for him, it is a small problem. We’ll see tomorrow after the tests, what we have to do is see the damage done to the ankle. He is a little worried because his ankle is a bit swollen but he said it was the only minor.”

Desired Timeline

There is no timeline that the team has set to have Ronaldo ready to play again since it depends on his injury. However, there is a fervent prayer that he will be fit and able to play in the upcoming final after the team had already played with only 10 players. Zidane also stated that they aren’t worried about the match, but more about the rehabilitation and fitness of their player. If Ronaldo attempts to play before he is given the go ahead from his doctor, then his injury could become worse and he would see a longer time out.


So far, the team has been quite silent about the treatment that he has undergone, if he has done anything at all. Ronaldo had talked about the injury after it happened and he had expressed that he wasn’t very worried about it. His coach, Zidane also confirmed that when he stated, “We’ll do some tests to see the extent of the damage done to his ankle. He was a little worried because it was a bit swollen, but he said that it’s nothing serious.”

Earlier Ronaldo as scheduled for a scan of the injured area before they could determine the extent of his injury and if it would sideline him. It is entirely possible that the team will release information after the scan results have come out, but don’t expect to be seeing him anytime soon. Most likely he will be resting as much as he can so that he can be fit and fine when it comes to playing during the upcoming match.

Champions League Semi-Final

Ronaldo’s team is currently trying to win their 3rd Champions League title in a row and his 25th goal is what saw him being injured. The final will be held on May 26 in Kiev when they will repeat the European Cup final where they played against Liverpool. Despite the fact that the fact that the match came out as a draw Zidane stated, I’d have liked to have won. There was nothing at stake but it was a good Clasico – high intensity and chances. They played well and so did we. Everyone who likes football can be happy with a game like that. Football is always more important than the controversy that you want to create. We had a good opportunity to win today, clearly, we had a lot of chances to score, especially in the first half. In the end it was a draw and that’s that. There are two games left and, in the end, Barcelona will finish the season unbeaten.”

You should make sure that you are kept up-to-date about whether or not your favorite player, Ronaldo, is going to be playing in the finals. You can do that by reading or watching the latest and daily football news online. Soon we will know just how long he will be out for and if he will be able to push forward and play in the finals or if his team will have to manage without the legendary player.