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Chur Burger Sydney: Types of Burgers you should Try

Chur Burger Sydney: Types of Burgers you should Try

Nothing will go wrong with a beefy and meaty burger. It’s the type of comfort food that won’t go anywhere. Meaty and greasy, burgers work well with beer or milkshake. Everyone from your granddad to your kids would love a meal of burger matched with fries and any other drink.

Fortunately, the food gods have blessed us with a wide array of burgers that are imply super good. Below are some of the best and classic burgers no one can’t simply get enough.

Beef burger

There’s nothing more romantic than a beef burger on a Friday night. A traditional ground beef burger can be a good, high-protein meal—especially if it’s grass-finished beef, which is a lot healthier and tastier than regular beef. Beef is one of the best sources of B12, a vitamin essential to the production of red blood cells and energy which makes it super healthy and good for the heart. Matched with double patty, bacon, or onions, this classic is simply a comfort food that will stay here forever.

Cheese burger

Both kids and adults will agree that cheese burger is a classic that deserves worship and love. The perfect pairing of beef and cheese is more romantic than those Rachel Macadam romantic comedies that you often watch. Perfect when paired with a glass of chocolate milkshake, French fries, and of course a good company.

Turkey burger

If you want something healthier without sacrificing the taste, then turkey burger is the true miracle worker. It’s considered the stunt double for your regular patty ready to give you the taste and the goodies without giving your tongue a headache. It’s made from chicken breast meat and its super healthy. Go indulge in a classic favourite without giving up to your body goals.

Bacon burger

Bacon can make everything amazing. Burger in a burger is probably one of the best burger combination available in the market nowadays.The burger is a custom blend of ground prime rib, brisket, skirt steak and tenderloin, topped with Nueske’s bacon and Cowgirl Creamery’s triple-cream Mt. Tam cheese. The recipe is also delicious with a mix of chuck and sirloin.

Bacon, egg, and cheese

Who said that the ultimate breakfast burger does not exists? Bacon and eggs are breakfast must haves that simply go on full glory mode when mixed with a good bun. It’s the type of meal that’s perfect for brunch or you simply need a quick power up for the day ahead.


Go a bit healthier with a goodBLT. The BLT is here to stay because it’s simply homey and delicious. Tomatoes and lettuce adds that tangy flavour that’s often missing from your regular burger. It’s also mom-approved so this means that you can never go wrong with this classic.

Cheddar and onion smashed burger

Smashed burgers and sloppy joes are popular because they are so fun to eat! Getting grimy and dirty is part of the fun and experience. A classic example of smashed burger is the cheddar and onion combination. The pairing of cheddar and caramelized onion makes the world brighter. Try it on a cozy Sunday lunch.

Salmon burger

A salmon burger could be just what your doctor orders. More specifically, what your cardiologist orders. That’s because, when it comes to proteins, wild salmon is an MVP: It’s rich in omega-3’s, the healthy fatty acids you find in fish oils that can help lower your risk for heart disease and that fend off metabolism-slowing inflammation.

Whatever type of burger you want, make sure to visit Chur Burger Sydney for quality and tasty burgers you simply won’t regret.