Chatbot: A Great Solution for Businesses

Chatbot A Great Solution for Businesses

When Alan Turing finished his invention, which helped to crack the code called ‘Enigma’ and successfully enabled the allies to defeat the Nazis; he was onto something. What he did was create one of the first computers in the world. Afterwards,

he felt that machines one day could be smart enough that it would be hard to distinguish them from a person. So, he devised a test called a Turing test, in which a human would have a conversation with two entities; a human and a computer. When the person may not be able to distinguish which of the two is a human entity, the machine is said to have passed the test.

Of late there was nothing close which could achieve this with a great degree, but in the 21st century, there are many of these so-called machines which can pass a Turing test. They are mostly computer programs or artificial intelligence which can conduct a conversation via textual or auditory methods. These programs are called Chatbots. These are used in day to day life for various purposes, such as information acquisition or customer support systems. They can vary in degrees of difficulty, such as certain Chatbots can use sophisticated natural language processing systems. There are some variants which can use simple scanning for keywords and then pull a reply from a database, which has the most matching keywords. There are many chatbot development companies in India which are trying to ensure that the bots are sophisticated enough for humans.

This is a great tool for many companies, as we live in a world where the usage of instant messaging and chat services are higher than ever. Its instantaneous nature allows for easy reach towards the customers. Various platforms have already started introducing companies’ Chatbot. This allows them to directly interact with the user or by acting as participants in a group chat. They can also be found inside various intracompany platforms and in various different parts of the company, such as human resource, IOT or even customer support. They can also roll out Chatbots in their company-specific products to help with support and to push newer releases. Certain companies use Chatbots as their first point of contact, replacing call centres.

From mainstream uses, it can also be a very specifically focused Chatbot, such as that of certain bots which can help dementia patients and people who suffer from insomnia. Certain companies have used it to promote stuff like video games and movies, by building customized Chatbots which can interact with users about the content. The main idea of a Chatbot is to help be the first point of contact for various kinds of customer-oriented services, thus helping companies cut costs by lowering employees. It also aims to provide a simple service for customers, via the bots which can also function unanimously. Chatbot companies aim to help businesses have a system which can interact with customers, all the while promoting features, products and solving their queries. It is a great system, which basically puts companies in a win-win scenario.