Career in Multimedia

Multimedia is a very creative and vast field, which deals with delivering content, and entertainment to the public and community using combined mediums. A formal degree in this subject leads to a career in the fine arts, marketing, or entertainment industries.

In this era, the scope for multimedia has widened and the multimedia professionals have a number of career options to choose from. These artists usually make use of computers to design a series of images in order to create animated motion pictures.

Numerous job opportunities are waiting for the multimedia artists in India as well as abroad.


Animators usually have a bachelor’s degree in Fine arts. Their learning is focused on art history, design, drawing, and studio art. Apart from a degree in fine arts, these professionals need to have experience in various computer programs, which are used to create digital animation and art. They are usually found in the film, television, Web, and gaming industries.

Web developers

Web developers are professionals who create websites by using fonts, colors, graphics, HTML code and Adobe Flash components. Apart from having a bachelor’s degree, they need to have an associate’s degree as well along with professional training in digital media marketing, interactive media, and other web technology.

Video and Motion Picture Professionals

The candidates who are interested in careers related to video and motion pictures need to develop skills in digital video formatting, audio production, video-graphy and sound mixing.

Directors, producers, screenplay writers, video graphers, and other similar professionals are all a part of video and motion picture industry. By using multimedia concepts, these professionals create movies for big screen, videos for the Web and other documentaries.

Television and Film production

This is one of the most recognized career in multimedia. The multimedia jobs in this industry include sound crew, camera operators, dubbing editors, graphic artists, animator, game designer, sound effects editor and many more.


One of the vital uses of multimedia is in sales presentations. The products and services can be made more appealing by presenting a realistic view of the product/service and its uses. These are usually used for high-endproducts and the multimedia professional who is a pro in making such presentations is of a great value for the organization.

Multimedia Event Planner

These days multimedia is used in many events in communities and organizations like presentations, video conferencing, and so on. A combination of strong multi-tasking skills along with the knowledge and experience in multimedia would provide a solid foundation for this kind of job.

Video Games

One of the perfect environments for a multimedia professional is video game industry. All the multimedia technologies are applied in this industry and there are a number of options to hit a flourishing career.

  • Other career options:
  • Media analyst
  • Advertising manager
  • Creative manager
  • Product development manager
  • Media director
  • Game tester and programmer
  • Installation artist
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer

Multimedia is one of the highly creative career path that makes use of all current technology. You can also find top courses in India on that will help you to achieve your career goals.