Car Floor Mats | Roof Of the Interior | Cleaning Tips and Ideas

Floor mats, dirt spotlight on the car

Everyone loves the feeling of having a clean car, both inside and out and although it is always advisable to take care of it and keep it clean so that it looks better, there is one thing that we only realize clean when you do a complete cleaning of the car , that is, both outside and inside, it is the mats.

All vehicles have mats, from cars to off-road vehicles or trucks, for example. The mats are one of the parts of the interior of the car that are always dirty since it is what we put our feet on when we get off the street to drive.

For some people, the mere dust we bring with their footwear already causes allergies, so you should always have the mats clean but … how can they be cleaned properly? There are different kinds of fabric, plastic, rubber or a combination of interwoven fabric and rubber or rubber material.

The first thing to do is shake them well to remove the biggest dirt such as the remains of branches, some small paper, gravel, etc. Then you have to wet them well, if you can with a much better hose, because with this we will make the water penetrate well in the different cracks that usually bring.

Many people use dishwashing soap but it can be detrimental to cloth mats so it is advisable to use a special cleaner that can be purchased at a store for car or cleaning products. With a brush and the special liquid, we will rub the entire surface thoroughly to eliminate the dirt and let it work for about 20 minutes.

Finally, it is necessary to return the hose with high pressure water to eliminate the patina of the liquid or cleansing gel and rinse the mat; Let it dry and you’re done.

Maybe if you have time is not annoying to do it, but in these times where we are where we always go in a hurry, it is best to leave the car in a specialized establishment so that they finish with all the dirt, not only of the mats but of all those little nooks and crannies that we usually do not usually or we can get to have the car clean.

How to clean the roof of the interior of the car

One of the most sensitive parts of the interior of the car is the roof, something that in a company specializing in car cleaning Madrid will leave as if it were new. Although there is also the opportunity to try to clean it by each person’s own means.

This is how the roof of the interior of the car is cleaned

In this case we will not use water but a microfiber cloth with which to do a complete review of the roof surface, always carefully and without making too much force since the roof, although it does not look like it, is quite sensitive.

You have to move the washcloth always in the same direction, ensuring that no dirt remains, something that. Although it seems otherwise, it is quite common in this part of the car, but with a microfiber wipe will be able to carry much of the dirt.

After removing dirt, it is recommended to use an exclusive cleaning product for the material in which the roof of the car is manufactured. This is an aspect of great importance that will not damage this part of the vehicle.

We will apply the product on the roof of the car, we will follow the instructions, letting it take effect and we will make sure that it is well impregnated by that substance. We will use another microfiber cloth to make new passes, to take everything that has been stuck to the specific product. Surely it will not take long to see how the dirt is coming out that seemed to be missing from the ceiling.

If there is any remaining, you can always use specific beauty products for the vehicle or use homemade products, but in this case you must ensure that they are not abrasive or too strong to avoid causing any damage to the roof of the vehicle.