Can you actually trust a free will template to protect your estate once you die?

Nowadays, it is not mandatory to go through a solicitor to write your will. Indeed, it is quite possible to hand write it without any legal assistance at all. This is called a Holograph Will. Writing a will yourself is easy, cheap and straightforward. All you have to do is download a free will template and follow the given guidelines.

The will must be written in a way that is easily understandable and unambiguous. And it must include a few necessary details to ensure it complies with the law. These include; the identity and date of birth of the testator (the person writing the will), the date of writing, the identity of the beneficiaries (those receiving assets in the will), and the signature of the testator.

Why trust a free will template

Free will templates are the latest and most accessible will writing method and they are proving to be very popular.  By using the guidelines and template provided – which indicates everything that a formal, legally valid will must contain – protecting your estate with a free will template is perfectly possible and easily achievable.

Guaranteed safety

As the testator, once you have written your will, there are only a couple of other procedures that must be followed to make it legal. You must have 2 witnesses sign in your presence and they must witness you signing the will too. A copy can then be kept by yourself or entrusted to a solicitor to keep safe. Given the risk of loss or destruction (accidental such as a fire or intentional), it is advisable to return the will to your solicitor for safe keeping. This will, however, most likely incur a cost.

If it is not given to a lawyer and you choose to store your will in a safe place yourself, the will writing will have cost you nothing.

Can be cost-saving and convenient

The main advantages of using a free will writing template are it’s low (or no) cost and it’s convenience and speed of writing. There is no need to wait around for weeks for your will to be written up by a solicitor. All changes and modifications do not cost anything and can be done immediately too.

You can update your will anytime

You have the right to change your will or to make a new one at any time. Unlike donations, wills are very easily revocable. You can change the versions as often as you like. The simplest way is then to get a new free template and indicate at the top of the first page that you thus revoke any previous will.

A will can also be canceled. This is the case if the beneficiary of the bequest dies before the testator, if the latter had written his will under the obvious influence of a mental disorder, or if the beneficiary contravenes the wishes expressed by his benefactor.

To make it even better, be vigilant when executing the will

Finally, to make your will effective and reduce the risk of disputes later on, try to write your text in a clear, precise and concise style.  First, the very nature of the document should not be open to discussion. Make it clear at the top of the page that this is your will. Start with the sentence, “This is the last will and testament of …”.  Use the first person (“I designate my brother …”). Avoid ambiguous expressions and conditional sentences, such as “I would like to bequeath the painting …”, which might suggest that it is a simple recommendation. Adopt a direct style: “I bequeath the painting to …”.

Clearly identify each beneficiary of a legacy by indicating their full name, date and place of birth, address and possibly their relationship with you. If it is an association or charity, do not be vague about its name. Indicate the exact name and address of the head office.  Also;


  • Avoid saying “revoke all previous provisions,” unless you mean to start from scratch with your new will and wish to cancel all bequests previously made.


  • Identify very precisely the people involved and the property bequeathed to avoid misinterpretation.
  • Sign all sheets of paper used, and number them clearly (for example, 1/2 and 2/2) to certify the total number of pages.


If you follow all the above guidelines, then using a free will writing template is a quick, convenient and economical way to write a will and ensure that your legacy is passed to those you love and care about the most.