Best Windshield Wipers

Best windshield wiper

How to choose a wiper for a car

When choosing wipers should be guided by-products that have a graphite base, as well as frost-resistant rubber. When the next change in weather conditions, the motorist should always check the efficiency of windshield wipers. In the case of a divorce on the windshield, after a few strokes of the wipers, the wiper blades must be replaced. Otherwise, poor visibility in rain or snow can lead to an accident. It is worth noting that a very wide range of assortments is presented in car dealerships. In these auto shops, you can see brushes of the most different manufacturers, at very different prices and, naturally, of different quality.

Windshield wipers for cars are divided into four types:

  • Wireframe
  • Frameless
  • Hybrid
  • Winter

Skeleton Wipers

Skylight wipers (summer) are the classic and most common design of windshield wipers. In these wipers, the rubber blade adjoins the convex surface of the car glass by means of a rocker arm system with hinges. Until the beginning of the 2000s, for windshield wipers of this design, the hinge axes were completely metal. This view is inexpensive. Together with this they are quite strongly exposed to loosening. Due to this, the mechanism does not last long. Also, metal hinges are more prone to frost. Because of this, they wear out more quickly. More metal hinges are more prone to frost, and also wear out quickly.

Modern wipers have bushings and axles made of plastic. These wipers are less exposed to icing. In this case, they are better cleared from the crust of ice. In the period of positive air temperature, this design perfectly affects the quality of the windshield wiper. Thanks to the plastic hinges, greater mobility, and accuracy of the rocker arms are ensured. In addition, the frame in the transverse direction is more rigid. At the same rubber blade to the glass is better.

Along with this, all these statements are not always fair. In the event that the janitors are cheap, then the materials from which these windshield wipers are made are likely to be of poor quality. In this case, the wipers will creak, and also loosely adhere to the glass. Summing up the frame wipers, we can note that the main advantage of them is an inexpensive price, and the main disadvantage is the fear of icing.

The life of a brush that is made of quality materials can be a year or more. If the quality is not the best, as well as the assembly, then, as a rule, the service life of frame wipers is 6-12 months. Then the stains on the glass begin to appear and the “cleaners” need replacing.

This kind of wipers for the car has a rubber-plastic body, which has the form of a spoiler. In this case, two metal thin plates are filled. A rubber blade is inserted between these plates. This blade and is engaged in cleaning the glass. Both ends of the janitors have plastic plugs. The center of the mounting bracket. This construction is less sensitive to icing. She does not have any wearable hinges. Also, this design has the best aerodynamic characteristics. These wipers do not warp. They move on the glass almost noiselessly. With all this, thanks to this design, it is possible to replace the rubber blade. In this case, you just need to remove the plugs. This allows you to significantly save money and time.

The drawback of frameless janitors is their non-versatility. That is, specific windscreen wipers are designed for a particular car. At the same time, the frameless systems of frameless brushes between different manufacturers are not unified. Thus, the main advantages of frameless janitors are efficiency at high speeds, as well as increased resistance to icing. The disadvantages of these windshield wipers are the lack of versatility, as well as a high price policy (500-650 rubles per unit of goods). The best frameless brushes: CHAMPION, BOSCH, ALCA, DENSO.

Hybrid windshield wipers for the car – the best of its kind

The main difference between hybrid wipers and classic wipers is the very small height of the frame. Designers thanks to this managed to fit the frame under a small casing-fairing. This type of wipers also has the dignity of open-frame windshield wipers, which is expressed in the effect of the aerodynamic wing, which increases the force of brush pressure on the glass. In this type of brushes, there is a developed hinged skeleton, which allows the rubber blades to fit snugly to the glass. This is especially important in the case of cars with a strongly convex profile of the windshield. Prices for these wipers are rather big, but this is compensated by the quality of cleaning, as well as a long service life.

The reason for the best consumer qualities of such wipers is the use of improved materials. So they use an insert of natural rubber, which has a high density. This rubber can withstand the effects of intense friction, moisture, and light. Wiper blades of this type retain elasticity, elasticity, and also the geometry of the working edges throughout the year. The main advantage of these wipers is their durability, as well as the ability to use both in summer and in winter.

Winter wiper blades

These are usual summer (frame) wipers, only hidden in a special cover, which prevents their freezing during the cold season, and also allows them to be easily serviced if the windshield is sprinkled with snow. These wipers should be used only in winter, as in the summer with them more than 90 km per hour you do not travel – the casing begins to vibrate and the brush jumps on the windshield.

Best windshield wiper