A guide list during the first trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most exciting time of our life. It is all the more so during the first trimester of pregnancy where you need to be a lot cautious. You need to take stock of the medicine you can take while pregnant. This does have an immense role in the total outcome of pregnancy as well. You can opt for safe medications during pregnancy, but there are some points that you need to be aware of as well.

Figure out whether you are really pregnant or not in the first place

With the aid of home pregnancy tests it is possible to detect whether you are really pregnant. In case if you have missed your perperiod you can opt for this test. But do wait for a few days before you eventually plan for the test. All this will point to the fact on why you have still not got your period.

Your consumption of prenatal vitamin is important

In case if you have not yet consumed the prenatal vitamin till now, you can start it straight away. It is indeed important to opt for folic acid and this is all the more so during the first trimester of pregnancy. With the consumption of it, the baby being born with neural tube defects is on the less .

A prenatal appointment

Most of the doctors are not going to see you till the 8th week of pregnancy. But it would be better to get on the appointment list as appointments do fill up fast. In order to do so please note down the last date of your period. Do prepare a list of questions that you are having. It would be better if you discuss with the relatives of both sides on whether they are any health issues or not. Mostly the doctors would want to know if there are any genetic disorders or chronic abnormalities that are present in your family.

Do discuss with your doctor the medications you are taking

Any drugs even the over counter ones are not safe to be consumed during the course of pregnancy. Say if you are consuming a medicine to treat any existing problem it would be better to opt for a medicine and do not stop it. Do discuss with your doctor on whether it would be better to stop it or not. Do mention to him each and every medication you are consuming. If you have to stop something he will inform you.

If you are into smoking you need to quit

If you smoke it does lead to a host of problems and this includes miscarriage as well. In face preterm birth with placental problems are on the rise as well. What more the chances of infant birth or the possibility of still birth is also on the rise. In cases of smoking it has been found out that babies have a higher chance of of platete or left clip.

It would be never too late to reduce it.