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A glimpse at Sharjah & where to find some amazing properties

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Sharjah is the third-largest economy of the UAE of the seven emirates to boast a large population. Due to the strategic location that caters regional connectivity, there’s a significant real estate activity with most of the contribution in the construction and development sector.

Several real estate projects are underway of which most are mixed-use development laying a huge impact on overall Emirati property market. The available opportunities in Sharjah have drawn interest of many different corporations across the UAE as well as other GCC countries.

The charming coastal emirate of Sharjah is approximately 6,000 years old. The discovery of oil back in 1972 fuelled urbanisation and today you’ll find property for sale in Sharjah taking its toll all across the city.

Shipping is another major industry with Sharjah having three of the busiest seaports namely; Port Khalid and Hamriyah Port in the Persian Gulf and Port Khorfakkan on the Gulf of Oman. Sharjah is the only state in the UAE bordered by water from both the sides. It’s also an industrial hub bearing more or less 40-percent industries.

Life here is both culturally and intellectually rewarding due to easy availability and economical properties for sale in Sharjah. Neighbourhoods and locals here are charming yet somewhat conservative as compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A significant percentage of expats live in Sharjah with most employed in Dubai that’s approximately at a distance of 30-minute drive. Living in Sharjah whether buying or renting a property is economical without compromising the living standard which is as bright as both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Facts on Sharjah City

Sharjah is a combination of amazing skyscrapers and restored developments especially when it comes down to arts and cultural heritage. The neighbourhood near the Al-Buhaira Cornice features five heritage structures and a Muslim prayer area that’s almost 200-year old alongside Sharjah Art Museum and the Sharjah Arts Centre.

Yet another community where you can surely find a property for sale in Sharjah is the Heritage Area lined with finely restored buildings, souks and museums. The centre of attention in the area of Al-Soor is gold-domed, majestic King Faisal Masjid which is also the largest in all the UAE.

Indeed, the rich Arabian arts and cultural heritage of Sharjah is different in all the seven emirates. Besides the vast network of art galleries, there’re almost 20 museums of which the most prominent is the Museum of Islamic Civilisation on the Majarrah Waterfront.

The museum boasts above 5,000 relics that represent the Islamic history and settlement. Then there’s the Sharjah Art Museum which is the UAEs biggest art museum. Huge array of souks are devoted to selling traditional crafts that includes the gold jewellery which further add popularity to Sharjah as a souvenir shopping hub.

To own a property for sale in Sharjah is an investment in its rich culture as well as entertainment which revolve around music, theatre, literature, painting, sculpture and academic wealth. Besides the University City and six other academic centres, there’s the very first interactive museum for children known as the Discovery Centre.


Finding a settlement in Sharjah would be the greatest thing that ever happen so look today for some amazing property listings.