7 Reasons Why Diet Surpasses the Importance of Exercise in Your Gym Routine


We are living in the world of aesthetics. Media has influenced us in such a way that the image of a healthy body includes a certain degree of physical appeal for both the sexes. Gyms are sprouting up every day around the globe and fitness training is rising rapidly as a profession. Having a healthy body goes a long way towards success in every sphere of life but how you achieve that is the question at hand. A majority of people believe that hitting the gym every day would guarantee them a healthy and appealing body and they believe that taking in fewer carbs is something that compliments that effort. But in actuality, it is the other way around.

A good diet surpasses the importance of gym by a long shot. As rightly said “you are what you eat”, your food is the key ingredient that your body needs to stay healthy. The importance of exercise cannot be undermined, and it should complement your healthy eating habits. Let us consider some important reasons why your diet should be the center of focus rather than exercise.

Everyone has a Specific Metabolism Rate

The metabolism rate varies from person to person. It is the body’s natural tendency to burn excess calories. Exercising does facilitate in increasing that rate but only to a certain extent based on a person’s body. On the other hand, you can always control your intake of calories through food and thus you directly control what you eat without having to worry about how many exercises your exercising would burn. Note that it is important that diet and exercise need to go hand in hand, but food gives you more control over your body as compared to exercise.

Making diet the foundation for exercise

You need to lay out a foundation before engaging a proper gym routine and that foundation should comprise of healthy eating. Making your body ready for increased physical activity requires providing it with the necessary nutrients so that it has enough energy to carry out the workload and also so that you don’t end up losing muscle mass in the process of exercising which has been a great dilemma for gym goers for some time. There are a number of tutorials which are available over the internet which come quite in handy and can also teach you an array of recipes to follow. You can watch videos on YouTube as well provided that your internet connection is dependable enough check Xfinity plans.

Exercise Results in an Increased Appetite

Physical exertion is bound to have a positive impact on your appetite and metabolism. But a number of people end up increasing their calorie intake when they start going to the gym and that increased intake negates the benefits exercise might provide you and in some cases, you end up having even more weight than before which kills the entire idea of a healthy lifestyle. It is advised to control your food intake before venturing into your gym regime so that your body adjusts and benefits from the upcoming exercise sessions. Feelings hungry is just a part of a healthy lifestyle so adjusting your body to that is important as you will often experience the sensation to eat. Consider that as an opportunity and form the perfect balanced diet to reach your goal.

Increasing Physical Activity Seldom Stops Obesity

Research carried out over years has shown that obesity still grew in the US although more and more individuals are turning towards gyms. So there has to be a missing element there, and that was identified as unhealthy or excess eating. Make it a habit to check the calorie count of various types of foods that you consume and control the intake of calories in accordance with your daily requirements. You can make a chart for yourself with the help of countless online tutorials available or consult a nutritionist in that regard as well to get you started on your journey.

Shed Before you Gain

Research suggests that it becomes difficult to lose weight after you have actively continued on your gym routine as reinforced muscles make it somewhat difficult to lose the fats stored underneath. So the most practical approach is to shed mass before starting with weight lifting. A number of people get demotivated a few months into the gym and leave it altogether as weight loss results aren’t visible. What they don’t understand is that it’s the portions and the type of food intake they need to take into consideration to see those results. Shedding is largely based on taking the perfect diet and afterward if gaining more mass is your objective, then you can pursue that by adding various training exercises to your lifestyle.

  • Your body needs energy even to reduce weight

Metabolism naturally works in such a way that your body requires nutrients to perform it efficiently and if inadequately provided, the process is hindered to a certain degree. Give your body the nutrients necessary to excel and it will automatically pace up various processes including your metabolism. Your exercise can provide you with a temporary boost to energy but a good diet becomes a constant source of energy over extended periods of time which is extremely useful. Weight loss is generally attributed to around 66% diet and 33% exercise thus your food holds tremendous value in your objective to attain the body you are looking for.

Controlling your Diet is Easier than Exercising

Lastly, and the most important factor for many a people, dieting is simply easier to pursue than rigorous exercise. All you need is determination and consistency and you are well on your path to progress. Imagine a situation where you have to run for 2 hours in order to lose a kilo of weight. But you can do the same by following a good diet in a day, all the while being able to pursue other routine tasks. That sure sounds easy, doesn’t it? We agree so too.

Remember that in order to attain a healthy body, both diet and exercise hold importance. Pursuing one without the other would not only slow the process but also make your end goal unachievable at instances. So while adopting good eating habits, make sure to use the energy gained properly so that it may bear fruit and facilitate you in your journey to attaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

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