5 Tips to Boost Your SEO Rankings with Google Analytics

There are a couple of reliable tools that could help you improve your SEO rankings such as Serpbook and Google Analytics. Google Analytics is especially effective when you are looking to increase organic traffic to your site. It is a tool that you can rely on to obtain a lot of data pertinent to the performance of your site, which is quite effective because you get to learn of the areas that need improvement. However, it is a tool that cannot be mastered in a day; you have to acquire some knowledge to get the best outcome. Here are some tips that could help boost your SEO rankings with Google Analytics.

1.      Get comprehensive insights from the queries report

If you are using Google Analytics to boost your SEO rankings, one of the things that you are required to do is get comprehensive insights from queries report. This is especially effective when you want to assess how many times your page shows up in Google’s search results. To do this, you need set up a Google Search Console account for your website. Afterward, you can then integrate Google Analytics with your Google Search Console account because the latter alone doesn’t give you a detailed report of the search results.

To link the two, you first have to sign into your Google Analytics account, then choose the website that you want to connect to your Search Console account. On the left taskbar, click on admin, then property settings, then adjust search console, then edit.

2.      Track the demographics and interests of your visitors

One of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website is by targeting relevant audiences. Google Analytics is a great tool that could help you discover the age, interests, and gender of your site’s visitors. When you have this information at hand, you can come up with products and services that suit their needs, bringing more traffic to your site hence boosting your SEO rankings. When you are conversant with the demographics of your visitors, you get to know who your most valuable customers are. This will help you to concentrate your marketing efforts on a specific group that will guarantee you a higher ROI. To gain access to this information, sign into your Google Analytics account, click on Audience, then demographics, then Overview. You could also get a more detailed report.

3.      Understand Keyword Intent

SEO greatly relies on understanding what your organic visitors want. Google Analytics can easily help you establish if your website has been bringing in the traffic that you desire and if you have been providing your visitors with what they desire. You can establish this by looking at the Keyword intent. This is the first thing that you should do before you try to find the keywords that are suitable for your site. Additionally, you shouldn’t try other SEO strategies concerning keywords before looking at what your audience wants. To generate traffic and boost ranking, you have to know what your clients want by looking at keyword intent.

4.      Google AMP tracking

Additionally, you can set Google AMP tracking, which provides your mobile visitors with a fast browsing experience. Today, a lot of people own mobile phones, and it would boost your rankings by having a site that allows fast mobile browsing. Therefore, you could consider adding Google AMP to your site so that you can drive more traffic. Before using it, however, you need to add Google Analytics Tracking. Albeit, this is a complicated process that demands you set the Google Analytics code manually, it is an effective strategy.

5.      Identifying the most popular and least popular pages

Another tip to help you boost your SEO rankings with Google Analytics is identifying the pages on your site that get most visits and those that don’t. After you have logged into your Google Analytics account, you need to click on Behavior, then Site Content, then All pages. This is a very effective feature on Google Analytics because it allows you even to see the time that people spend on your site. Additionally, you can see the percentage of visitors that leave your website after they have viewed a specific page plus the bounce rate. Moreover, you can click on Landing Pages to see the pages that your visitors clicked on the first time they came to your site. Ultimately, this allows you to determine which your most popular pages are.


Google Analytics is a tool that is mostly used by digital marketers to help them boost organic traffic to their sites. It is an efficient tool that could improve your SEO rankings so long as you employ the most effective tips. Getting numerous site for your traffic is a dream come true, and Google Analytics gives you plenty of data to help improve your ranking and traffic alike. Once you employ these tips, the results you get will be an outstanding threat synonym.


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