5 reasons why North East India is the best honeymoon destination

Honeymoons are once in a lifetime so break the cliché and visit somewhere unusual. A place which is more alluring and romantic like the north east. The North Eastern part of India opens door to the majestic mountains, gushing green meadows and ravishing riversides. It is a piece of land you have read in fairytales and imagined in your dreams.

So book your honeymoon tickets with a cleartrip promo code and entangle your fingers on your beloved’s hand thereafter take a dip into the most soothing part of India, the enchanting northeastern destinations.

And here’s five reasons why you should plan your honeymoon to North East India..

Rekindle your romance in the close proximity to nature

North east beholds the best of nature. It would be an excellent idea for the newlyweds to escape in this splendid place and create some striking and heartwarming memories. Young couples can stir their chemistry while walking hand in hand by the banks of river Teesta following the swift flow of the water which goes by eroding the uneven rocks and pebbles. The beautiful waterfalls and their crystal clear water will give you an untiring vibe for your entire trip and there after you go home afresh and start your life afresh with your adorable partner. The partially wintry climate, the spectacular nature hugging view and your beloved by your side is sufficient to plan a second honeymoon in north east. Being so close to the nature momentarily relieves you from your regular fast life and gives you a break. The excitement and ecstasy that you have been holding up for months before marriage you can share with your love and enjoy some of the beautiful moments here in private. Nature not only absorbs you and mitigate you it also gives you an entire new chance to discover you partner and the relationship in a new and interesting way. So hurry up and brew your romance in north east by booking a honeymoon package with a cleartrip promocode.

Quiet place to sneak and romance

Unlike other tourist, a honeymooner doesn’t like to trek, hike and go to all the sightseeing places with the tourist guides. Instead they prefer to visit the places which are secluded and far from the crowds. In the lap of the green valleys and swift flowing rivers you would love to discover yourselves and your new budding relationship. North east fits in the convenience as for the peaceful natural setting and less crowd compared to other hill stations in the north.Northeast is meant for that love to bloom amidst nature where these young couples can explore each others dreams and get lost in the whole new mesmerizing experience of their new bond. Now with Cleartrip promo codes you can now book all you wished for an ideal honeymoon trip.

Rains and Romance are synonymous if you know

The pitter patter of the rain drops can run a shiver into the warm blood of the budding lovers.Various part of the northeast like Cherrapunji and Mawsynram are particularly famous of being wettest place in India. Therefore if your beloved or you have a thing for rain then don’t hesitate to make a honeymoon booking in North east with the Cleartrip Promo Code. There are numerous ways to get all cozy and dirty in the rain, while just walking in the rain soaking wet with hands in hand or sharing an umbrella that pulls the couple closer automatically. Each and everything is blissful in the rain. Not only the romance that deepens in the rain but the time that you two spend with each other also deepens your understanding, outlook and view of life. The honeymoon is obviously about romance but it is also for several other things. So don’t forget to book your honeymoon package only with cleartrip promo codes which will also save you some money. 

Discover thecultural diversities

Experience the cultural diversity of northeastern habitats. When you go out exploring you will only get surprised how connected they are to the elements of nature. You tend to discover a whole new world in itself how this little tribes can contribute and live among themselves with the handful of resources. How they celebrate various festivals and how each tribe has its own ethnicities and cultures. The attires they wore, the food they eat and the festivals they celebrate it’s a complete new exploration to the young couples. You will be intrigued by their way of life. So before you start family of your own, experience how these tribal people lead a happy life without various luxury stuffs which will make you more tolerant towards your life in future.

Explore the stunning destinations

There are several spots to admire in North east. Such as in GangtokTsuklakhang Royal Chapel and Monastery via Deer Park, thenthe Secretariat and most significantly not missing the Orchid Sanctuary which holds a world record of having 600 species of orchids.Peling, a little town situated around 115 kms away in this small yet beautiful state offers some of the ravishing views of Kanchenjunga range, Rathong and Pandim peaks. Couples can rekindle their romance in this close proximity of nature. Tsomgo Lake is yet another beautiful location where the white snow meets the lush greeneries of the valley. Couple can have rides of beautifully decorated Yaks here. Apart from Gangtok there are other attractions in the state to experience an exquisite honeymoon.Guwahati, the capital city of Assam which is located on the banks of Brahmaputra River is a home to number of romantic places. A little island in the middle of Brahmaputra river popularly known as Peacock Island serves the best for the young new couples to spend some alone time in the lap of nature. Kamakya Hills, DighaliPukhuri Lake and Nehru Park are some of the popular spots to name a few.Darjeeling in West Bengal is regarded as one of the best hill stations of the north east. A joyful toy train ride and spectacular monasteries on the backdrop of beautiful mountains is rare to experience. And last but not the least Shillong where the couple can’t get over with the picturesque beauty of Elephant Falls,Mawsmai Cave and Shillong Peak are the must-see attractions there. You only get one honeymoon, so make it worthwhile and head towards northeast to experience the thrill. Book your honeymoon package with the cleartrip promo codes to save some extra money for the later.