5 Crucial SEO Trends of 2018 That You Must Know

Do you think you know everything about SEO or search engine optimisation? Then I must say, my friend you are wrong. SEO is not a fixed strategy that one can apply year after year. With the evolution of technology, the demand of content has changed, the way of marketing has changed and a new SEO trend has arrived.

In this article I will be talking about the latest SEO trends which aregetting importance over the old SEO optimisation techniques. One must have to adapt with these SEO trends to stay ahead in today’s Digital business.

Video marketing, creating info graphic and authority link building are still carrying heavy weight in SEO. But the trend is shifting gradually as users prefer new technology, where the demand for new SEO techniques isgrowing.

  • Voice Search

The popularity of Amazon Alexa, Google home is increasing day by day. It is a clear indication how people are welcoming the technology or you can say adapting technology in their life. So in that case do you think your old SEO techniques will work as it was earlier? No.

You have to optimise your website speed, improve content in such a way that it can answer specific questions, usage of high quality and relevant media. But in case of voice search, especially page speed matters a lot. Learn the ways to optimise your website for voice search.

  • Website Speed matters

Website speed is one of the key criteria to make sure that your website can give your users a good experience. Not only that, many other SEO trends like Voice search, mobile optimisation etc. depend up on your website’s speed only.

You might have noticed many sites these days follow a very minimal look with only required elements. This will make sure their website loads faster and improve search ranking in the long run.

Whether your website will load faster or not, that depend up on your web hosting plan also. Generally if you host your website on shared hosting plans, then you may not get much benefit. Either you can choose a specialist WordPress hosting provider or you have go with VPS plans so thatyour website loads faster.

  • AMP or Accelerated mobile Pages

When majority of the internet users are shifting from desktop to mobile, do you think the old SEO techniques will work in case of mobile technology? Although the core things will be same, but the user experience is the key thing while optimising your mobile website.

Google AMPis the technology with which your website will load faster. You might have noticed that Google is giving preferences to websites who are using AMP as they simply load at blazing fast speed and give the visitor an amazing user experience.

So, if you have not adopted AMP, then you should start thinking about your SEO strategies again.

  • Rich Snippets in Google search

Have you noticed that whenever you are searching something on Google, a beautiful rich snippet is showing occupying the top spot? Even if your article ison the #1 spot, user will prefer to go with the rich snippet one as it has better structure and appeal to click.

There is no formula or given technique to get that spot as Google algorithm dynamically choose any of the top 10 ranking articles as per the search query. But still you can make sure your content have a good structure, readability score is high, have useful images & videos to increase user engagement.

4) Relevancy of Back links

Earlier just getting back link from authority website was good enough to rank your website. But in 2018, it isnot as Google has changed their algorithmin such a way that it can measure the relevancy of the source from where you are getting a mention.

E.g. your website is all about a shopping niche, but if you get a back link from article talking about cricket, then it will not help you. But if your article is about some product used in the game of cricket, then it is highly relevant and your content will get good boast.

5) Mobile optimisation

Mobile optimisation has already become a mandatory thing to stay in the business. If your website is not mobile optimised then all your hard work will go in vain. As majority of the searches are coming from mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, ipadsetc, you cannot avoid this check list.

There are plenty of paid or free templates available which are mobile ready, responsive. So, you should upgrade your website theme immediately. If you are not using WordPressplatform, then hire a developer and fix mobile optimisation issues.


So, these are the key SEO trends one can’t avoid while doing online business. You have to learn them and implement them as soon as possible to stay ahead of your competitors.