5 Carnation Wedding Trends to Embrace This Season

bulk carnations

Frilly, light scented and available in every shade imaginable, carnations are always our favorite flowers for the wedding. Their sturdiness, pretty look and absolute beauty enable us to use them for multiple dimensions of wedding décor. Though carnations are often underrated for wedding décor, they are one of the most versatile. You can use carnations for wedding centerpiece, reception venue décor, escort cards, bouquet, and boutonniere. They not only last longer, but also dry out very well.

Here are some carnation wedding décor ideas we love this year.

Curtain of carnation

Isn’t a backdrop of carnation perfect to say “I do?” Pure and heaven, you can even DIY a curtain of carnation. You will need bulk carnation, around 1000 piece to make multiple garlands. Once you are finished, drape them over a dowel suspended from the ceiling. Your picture-perfect backdrop is ready.

Escort cards

Carnation comes in countless shades, so you can choose any color of this bloom to decorate your escort cards. To make sure that your tags come with something extra, you need to create mini-carnation boutonniere. Create the display by lining a tray with damp floral foam, pluck off the flower’s stem, and poke in the buds. For an attractive look, you can choose two-tone variety of the flower.


You need a floral centerpiece for your wedding tablescape. Mix and match carnation with other flowers like daffodils, sweetpeas, and ranunculus to give volume to your arrangement and make it fill a table. Complement your tablescape with a favor box fastened with a paper carnation.

Cherry on the cake

Carnation can make your wedding cake look gorgeous, that too in minimal effort. All you need is basic cake of different heights, cupcakes, and carnation in complementing hues. Shift the decorating style for each dessert, like crowning cupcakes with a single bloom, covering a confection with a top layer of blooms, and so on.


Who says carnation is only a filler flower? They can make a whole stunning bunch of fresh bloom, perfect to hold while walking on the aisle. From plum to peach, they come in numerous attractive hues. When paired with right flower type and an eye-catching ribbon, they look stunning.

In fact, if you like simple and classy white bouquet, white carnation make a perfect flower for this.

Wedding is one of the most awaited moments in a person’s life. So, it should be done in a perfectly decorated venue.

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