10 Tips for The Long Horse Riders You Should Know

Planning to go on horseback? No matter you are a first timer or little experienced you are likely to feel nervous. That is natural after all you will be riding a living animal. This said, you apparently cannot allow such emotions to transform into an experience that is stressful or scary. If you wish to make your horseback riding activity fun and pleasant one, follow these tips.

Tips to Follow

Below are some tips that a long horse rider should follow:

  • Wear a Horseback Riding Gear- While riding a horse wearing long pants and the right footwear is essential. Although close-toed shoes will suffice to avoid the feet against slipping via the stirrups, it is best to wear short heel shoes or cowboy boots. It is best to avoid purses, scarves and other accessories that may get tangled up in the saddle, horse or the tree. For best results wear a helmet for protecting the head.
  • Greet the Horse- A horse is a living being and not a car to control as per your will. In fact, it is quite likely that your horse can be scared, tired or nervous. Thus, it is essential in establishing a good bonding with the horse since the beginning. The moment you meet him at the ranch try to greet it by extending your arm. Maintaining a horseman’s handshake is crucial. To know more about horses or horse racing, visit TVG.
  • Mount with Confidence- The moment you are nervous immediately your horse will feel it which can make him feel uneasy. The horses at ranches are always trained for being mounted towards the left side. Always mount on the horse with confidence. Never use your arms for pushing the horse down as this may hurt him. Instead, you can place your hands just for balance.
  • Do not Slouch- The best position for controlling the horse will be by sitting up straight and tall, relaxing the back, gently holding the reins, setting foot in both stirrups and maintaining the balance to avoid making the horse feel as if he is carrying a huge load.
  • Handle the Rein with Care– The technique to ride a horse will rest on the type of style that you have learned. No matter you follow the Western or English methods always handle the rein with care and be gentle to it.
  • Do not Use the Saddle Horn for Balance- You cannot depend on asaddlehorn for maintaining balance. In case of unstableness adjust your posture, extend the legs or hold the reins gently. Do not ever use the saddle horn.
  • Fix your Eyes Firmly on the Trail- Instead of fixing your gaze on the horse at the time of riding, and you need to set your eyes firmly on the trail.
  • Keep in Tune with the Horse- The horse rider should keep calm and move his body as per the horse’s rhythm. He should feel the manner in which the horse walks and allow it to rock without resisting. The horse rider should never play the part of a dictator but should be a leader.
  • Just Walking- Walking in a steady gait, you can begin trotting at a point yet anything faster will not be a wise decision.
  • Dismount like an Expert- The moment you wish to dismount, ensure that the horse is still. For best results let someone hold your horse as you do so. You need to remove your feet from the stirrup, patiently lean forward, carefully swing over the horse your right leg and finally jump off. You can thank your horse by providing him little water and embracing the feeling of safety.

Try these tips and enjoy your horse riding to the fullest. Good Luck!!!