Working for a organization? You should know the labour law

You work for an organization; you go on with your day by completing the assignments given to you. But are you aware of them that you are protected from any misconduct at the hands of the employer by the employment law or labor law, as its also legally termed as?

The law has rules laid down to ensure and mitigate harmonious relationships between employee and the employer. It encompasses exhaustive employee rights and the responsibilities of the employer.


The particulars of the labor law are:

Employee’s compensation

Minimum wage

Employment discrimination

Employee benefit

Social Security

Safety and health


There is collective labor law and individual labor law.

The collective labor law deals with the work issues between the employee, employer, and union and covers workplace participation, trade unions, information and consultation, bargaining and action.

The individual labor law protects the rights of the employees at work, and it covers employment terms, minimum wage, living wage, working hours, health and safety, discrimination, child labor.

One of the labor law regulation, i.e., the Fair Labour Standard Act is a result of the motor driven at the time of the Great Depression when the workers of USA were working long hours, living in horrendous living conditions and were unjustifiably paid. This act has laid down the provision of every company to follow the protocol of federal minimum hourly wage.

Under the labor law landscape, the state and federal judiciary system make clear the following goals to maintain a minimum socially acceptable working environment :

  • All the employees in an organization have the same right, i.e., fair compensation, right to privacy. Make sure that no employee faces any discrimination on any grounds be it race, color, gender or national origin.
  • The working environment should be healthy and safe. Harassment of any sorts should not be encouraged under the name of humor.
  • There should be no disruption in the work because of any rift between the union and the management.
  • United Nation has a separate wing to attend to and monitor the international labor law issues. The International Labour Organization is a trilateral organization consisting of government, organization and trade unions. The International Labour Law has set a minimum standard that should be the right of every worker.

The primary objective of ILO is to :

  • Eliminate forced and compulsory labor;
  • Abolish child labor
  • Eliminate discrimination concerning employment or profession.


  • Employers must keep a compliance checklist with respect to the employment law so that they adhere to the state and federal law in keeping the working environment appropriate.
  • Employers and supervisors in many countries have to go through proper training to understand the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision.
  • Make sure every employee and employer in the office abides by the fair employment practices.
  • Make sure the postings on the notice board as well as bulletin board are up to date so that the employees are updated with the changing rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that the company complies with the fair minimum wage policy set by the state and federal law.

This is just brief and superficial information about the labor law. If you are about to start a company and are looking for a credible law firm service to help you with the corporate, employment law as well as other legalities, you can seek help from a certified and licensed leading law firm in Tanzania.