Tips for properly cleaning a shaggy rug

Dirty rugs are simply bad. They’re bad because they don’t look the part and spoil your decor. They’re bad because they tend to store dust and launch it into the air with every kick or step. This makes them a nightmare for people with respiratory allergies. Dirty rugs can also be breeding ground for microbes, especially mold. This is particularly true if your home is in a tropical area with lots of humidity.


Of all the different types of rugs, shag rugs are the most difficult to clean. This is clearly because of their large surface area, which can be attributed to their use of loose fiber strand structure. In this article, we shed some light on the best tips for cleaning a shaggy, or simply shag, rug.

Before you even attempt to clean a rug, you should ensure that the floor underneath, and in the area not covered by the rug, are clean. What you choose as the preferred cleaning too is your choice. A mop should do just fine in case of marble or tiled floor. If your floor is carpeted, however, vacuuming seems like the smart option. Vacuum the floor area, including the area under the rug. Cleaning under the rug is sufficient once a week in most cases, while you should make sure to clean the rest of the floor every day, or every day if your house stays clean for longer.

When you start vacuuming the shag rug, make sure that you pick the big pieces of debris, beforehand. Now you can vacuum like you would regularly. Another thing to note while vacuuming, if your carpet is made of delicate wool or has a loose construction, is to not run the vacuum on a high setting. This might damage the rug by pulling the fibers with the dust. Also try not to press too hard on the machine, as this might scrape the strands of “shag” off.

If you don’t wish to vacuum, or every once in a while, you can also use a damp mop to clean the rug. You have to be careful while using this method though, as dampness might degrade the quality of the rug. In other cases, if your rug is made of fibers like jute, hemp, or sisal, cleaning with damp cloth might not have any impact.

One option of cleaning rugs is to hand it vertically and gently beat it with a stick, or by hand. This requires more effort and requires that you have a backyard or an open area. Try avoiding this method if you have respiratory allergies.

As you start cleaning your rug, keep in mind the tips provided here. Shaggy rugs may look intimidating when it comes to cleaning, but if you clean them smartly and frequently, you will be able to sustain the posh look they add to your decor with ease.