Techniques To Achieve Multiple Orgasms

Relationships especially those between a man and woman tend to grow and get better and better when they enjoy the good sexual relationship. A sexual relationship is bound to be better only when both the parties involved are happy about giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Multiple orgasms which means that one can have more than one peak during a single sexual relationship.  How to achieve multiple orgasms in order to stay aroused longer and heated up, again and again, is not something that you cannot think of and is neither an exotic skill that is difficult to master.

Types of multiple orgasms

Before you go through the secrets of How to achieve multiple orgasms, it is important for you to know about the different types of multiple orgasms. The types include

Compound singles: This refers to the type of orgasm in which you can differentiate orgasm as separate and distinct by virtue of the unaroused state you will experience briefly between every peak.

Sequential multiple:  In this type, the orgasm occurs within a time span of 2-10 mins apart and you are likely to experience an only minimal reduction in the arousal state during the time in between.

Serial multiple: you can actually consider this type of orgasm an extended or a long climax with varying intensity of spasms characterizedby just a few seconds or minutes between the orgasms.

Tips to achieve multiple orgasms


The chances for repeated peaking is likely to be more when you are prepared for the same in the form of external stimuli such as music, candle lights, massage etc. the external stimuli that are capable of getting you into the mood for sexual relations is likely to vary with each person. However, the external stimuli are the catalyst that will build up the sexual energy which will make you sensitive even before you touch yourself or is touched by your partner and it will become easier to have multiple orgasms.


Caressing your body is the next step in getting things hotter when you have already got into the mood for the sexual act. Stimulation can include caressing your body using a luxurious material or-or by identifying and stimulating the sensitive spots such as the like the neck, ear lobes, breasts etc. and move on to genital stimulation. In general clitoral stimulation is considered the most effective way to get the womenhave their first orgasm.  Backing off just before the orgasms and again building up the sexual energy and pulling off before the orgasm is How to achieve multiple orgasms by preparing your body to expect one climax after another by significantly increasing the sexual tension that courses through your body.

The kegel exercise

The kegel exercises for men and women are discrete exercises that can help yo engage in rhythmic contractions which would lead to pleasure buildup and bring on an orgasm.

Repetitive stimulation

This refers to the process of maintaining the aroused state  and to capitalize on the sexual energy that is built up by caressing and focussing on the pleasure and the pleasure build up  by caressing the pleasure points that is  eventually How to achieve multiple orgasms.

Keeping pleasure as your motto and focussing on it rather than orgasm is one of the factors in achieving multiple orgasms.