How to go about your OUI/DUI Case?

Ignition Interlock Device (IID) or Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device(BAIID) is a device which requires the driver of the vehicle to blow in the mouthpiece of the analyzer. The device then checks Breath Alcohol Percentage (BAC) with the default value and prevents the driver to start the engine. Usually, the default BAC in the states of the US is .08 percent. Now imagine repeating this process each time you use your vehicle. How irritating would that be? Well, OUI Laws can do this to you! This can happen only when you don’t have a good OUI/DUI Lawyer.

What does Operating Under the Influence (OUI) mean?

Operating Under the Influence (OUI) is a part of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Law which consists of operating a vehicle during the influence of alcohol and prescription or non-prescription drugs. All that matters to the police officer who is checking you is, the BAC. If BAC is showing an abnormal value (usually >.08%), you are charged with the OUI Law. There are many petty issues which can put in trouble such as having an open bottle of alcohol in your vehicle.

Laws are necessary and everyone should follow them. They maintain the sanity of our society. But facing jail-time, paying a hefty penalty and getting your license cancelled, can sober you up more than any lemonade ever would! In many states such as Maine, driving even in a private property won’t save you from these OUI/DUI Laws.  

What to do once you are charged with DUI/OUI Law?

Now the next thing to consider is what can you do to reduce the after-devastation caused when you are charged with a DUI/OUI Law? Well, if you believe in Karma, you should probably endure the sentence and pay the penalty. There are two subcases in the other case. First one being, you think a public defender might work just fine for you and would save you from the DUI charges. Public defenders have a huge amount of pending cases to handle. It is almost impossible for him/her to study or give any personal time to your case. The other option that you have is: hire an OUI Defense Lawyer. This option will shift most of your burden to the lawyer’s shoulder. The lawyer will make sure to find the loopholes in the story and the related OUI Laws, and minimise the sentence, reduce the fine and revive your driving license. The choice is yours to make –  Do you want to try your luck with a public defender or get yourself an OUI Defense Lawyer?

Hiring a good OUI/DUI Lawyer can be really hectic and time-consuming. Here are a few qualities you should look for in an OUI/DUI Attorney.


Any reputed DUI/OUI Lawyer is a good one. Reputation in this profession is earned over the years by a proper code of conduct, experience, and knowledge. Ensure the lawyer you choose is a reputed one.

Practise years/Experience

 Practise matters more than the knowledge of laws. So a good DUI/OUI Attorney has an experience of at least 4-5 good years, practising DUI law.

Success Rate

A good attorney has a great success rate, i.e., number of cases won among the number of cases taken. A great success rate certifies the eligibility of an OUI/DUI attorney.

A good lawyer has many other such qualities. Don’t leave anything to chance and hire your OUI Lawyer today!