How Diesel Engine is different from other alternative power sources?


Diesel engines are now most commonly used in commercial and larger private vessels. There are certain benefits of diesel engines that make it different from other alternative power sources, such as LPG or petrol engines. In this post, diesel engine parts manufacturers will tell you certain facts about their products. They will explain the benefits of diesel engine over other power sources in this post. Read the article to know more.

Diesel engine is better than petrol or gas engine because of following reasons-

  • Its proven performance and reliability makes diesel engine great and eligible for all working conditions
  • The fuel consumption is generally low
  • Greater torque for longer periods
  • Diesel engine burn fuel more efficiently as compared to petrol engines
  • Diesel fuel is less flammable as compared to petrol or gas
  • Fumes release through diesel is less toxic and creates less pollution than petrol engines.

Manufacturers are making several types of two stroke engines. One of the common designs is uniflow type in which ports are applied to introduce air to the cylinder and a valve is intended to exhaust air.

The various parts that complete the design of two stroke engine are as under-

  • Inlet ports – A two stroke engine has inlet ports that cut into the cylinder liner and located above the piston.
  • Piston ring – the piston ring grooves include a small locating pin. The pin revokes the ring from rotating and lines the gap up in order to prevent its passing over an inlet port. If there is no such prevention, it could cause failure of piston pins.
  • Exhaust ports / valves – While exhaust ports can be cut into cylinder liner, manufacturers commonly use exhaust valves for marine engines.
  • Scavenge blower – In a two stroke engine, air has to be forced inside the cylinder. Manufacturers apply scavenge blower to accomplish this job. The blow includes engine driven air pump.

Two stroke engines are different from four stroke engines. The working cycle of two stroke engine has two steps- Exhaust and inlet & compression and power. Four stroke engine whereas includes induction, compression, power, and exhaust.

For more information on two stroke or four stroke engine, you can any time contact the diesel engine parts manufacturers. They will share the best guidelines to maintain and repair the damage of your diesel engine. Explore the latest deals in your local today.