Google Backup And Sync Not Working – Ways to Fix It

Google Backup And Sync Not Working

Google’s Backup & Sync is the desktop based application provided instead of the old Google Drive app. This application helps the users to sync all the data items from Drive to local folders and the data from local folders to Drive. It allows a maximum of 3 Google accounts to be synced with the computer. The app provides smooth syncing respective of the available bandwidth. But in certain situations, there can occur certain issues by which Google Backup and Sync not working issue occur. All the reasons behind the issue, the available solutions, etc. are being discussed in the following section.

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Reasons for Google Backup and Sync Not Working Issue

Main reasons behind “Google backup not working” issue are being listed below:

  1. Poor Bandwidth: Issues behind Google Backup & Sync can occur as a result of the low internet strength available to them. As the available Internet bandwidth is low or weak, the overall syncing process will be adversely affected.
  2. Configuration Issues: Often the main issues associated with all sort of applications can be due to the bad configuration that has been done post the installation. The configuration of Backup & Sync with an active Google account is necessary for the proper connection and syncing of data from and to the drive.
  3. Cached & Junk files: We all know that cache and cookies data must be regularly cleared for the smooth working of the applications or browsers. The existence of Cache and Junk files can adversely affect the working of this application. It can even lead to the failure of Google backup.
  4. Outdated Google account: Configuration of backup & sync with an active, ready to use Google account can ensure the proper working and syncing of the application.

Solutions for Google Backup Not Working

1. Inspect Internet Connection to Fix Google Backup And Sync Not Working

Backing up Google Drive data using Backup & Sync needs the support of a smooth Internet Connection. So we have to make sure that a strong Internet connection is established before executing the sync application.

2. Configure the Google Account again to Fix Backup & Sync Not Working

For this, all you have to do is remove the Google account from Backup & Sync and then configure the application again with the same account. This may avoid bad configuration issue and will give a fresh start for the application.

3. Clear Junk & Cache from G Drive

One of the major reasons behind the Google backup not working issues can be Cache and junk data. So clear the cache and app data quite often to prevent such an issue from happening. Clear the useless data from the application and then reboot your system.

4. Update Backup & Sync to the latest version

To fix the Google Backup and Sync not working error, you can try one last resort which is to update the Backup & Sync app to latest version. The bugs that are involved in the older versions could be fixed by this software update.

Wrapping Up

Backup & Sync not working is an error faced by a lot of Google Drive users. The reasons and the workarounds to Google photos Backup and Sync not working has been described in the above article. Feel free to choose any one among them. If you wish to backup your Google account data to the local folder easily, then use SysTools Google Apps Backup tool.