Benefits Of Automatic Garage Doors | Advantages Of Automatic Garage Doors

Benefits Of Automatic Garage Doors

There is nothing more practical than an  automatic garage door, especially when it is raining. You can be inside the car and open the door with a simple button. Apart from the convenience of having an automatic garage door, it is also much safer, since you do not have to leave your car.

Automation is the most complicated part of a garage door, and selecting the right rolling door is not always an easy decision. There are varieties of sizes and models to choose from, and the new technology is allowing for better updates and designs on a daily basis.

If you have a garage door that is not automatic, this can be  replaced  and equipped with automation, everything will depend on various factors, while some facilities are more complicated than others, a reputable and experienced company as  Luvematic  can analyze your door and verify if it is possible to make any changes.

For greater security the automatic doors have a security system that detects an obstacle. In this way automation can react faster if there is some kind of obstacle in the way, which guarantees greater  security  for you, your family and pets. The use of remote controls has evolved, some transmit a different opening signal each time they are pressed. In addition, some models may have functions with separate buttons for the garage light, and security locks that deactivate the remote opening when going on vacation or there are no people in the house for a long time.

An emergency release is very important when you do not have electricity at home. You will not have to fight to open the garage door, the automation of the garage door must come with an emergency device that will allow you to open the garage door manually.

Regardless of the size or model of the garage door many times they emit a scandalous sound when opening the door, whether  tilting  or  sliding  the least you need is to wake up the entire neighborhood in the middle of the night. For quieter operation, select a more flexible operator that dampens vibrations and eliminates the noisy metallic noise of the chain.

Remember that the annual maintenance of your door operating system will ensure that you are working safely, silently and efficiently. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your door, saving significantly on automatic door repair costs.

Having said all this, the important thing is to know that you have invested in something that will only add comfort and simplicity to your life. We are available for installations, maintenance and repairs at Mejorada del Campo and throughout the Madrid community.

Advantages of sectional garage doors

Garage doors can be of different types, sectional , swing , swing or sliding , according to their different types of structure and opening.

The swinging garage doors are usually the most frequent since they take advantage of the available space very well. Its mechanism is based on a spring that works with torsion. This element, which is hidden behind the lintel, provides the precise force to the lateral arms so that they can raise the blade. On the sides, the vertical guides are located.

For its part, the sectional garage door takes its name from its horizontal sections, formed from double slats that, in the opening, lifting and folding phases, run parallel to the roof.

Sectional doors have several objective advantages compared to the other types of automatic garage doors.

  • Retrench of space. The sectional doors hide better than the other doors. The mechanism that allows moving the sections is installed on the roof. In this way the space is recovered in the opening phase and once opened, since it does not protrude towards the outside and it is difficult for it to hit the vehicle.
  • Suitable for almost all architectural spaces. In fact, the sectional doors can be mounted on sloped ceilings thanks to their design.
  • Easy to install Sectional garage doors do not usually require a large construction site.
  • The sectional garage doors usually have a higher quality in security, are better reinforced and provide a higher level of thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • They are quieter during opening and closing.